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Posted By: 7PCGamer Divine Divinity causes system reset - 29/12/17 06:30 AM
Divine Divinity is causing a hard reset of the system..there are no logs to show but i will detail the symptoms:

- Config: 800 x 600 Direct 3D - compatibility options like Alphabit unchecked
- Running o/s [win 7 64 bit HP] in admin mode
- I have forced on vsync in the radeon software that the game doesnt cause overheating issues
- Game loads up fine till the main screen.. can see the loading bar and the menu
- Theres no cursor visible however
- As soon as I move my mouse, the computer loses display, can hear some in-game music [some high pitched opera singeresque music] for few seconds
- The monitor flashes twice [completely blank flashes] as if it is trying to revive the display
- Computer resets.. that looks like a hard reset

Any solutions?

Posted By: Tarnum Re: Divine Divinity causes system reset - 29/12/17 08:46 AM
Look at the \WINDOWS\Minidump folder. If there are new files this folder (formed after each 'Hard reset') then You have a hardware problem with your system (80%) or very bad/outdated video or audio drivers (20%). Try updating these drivers. Try installing nGlide and toggle the game into Glide mode instead of Direct3D (You probably need original CD version of the game for this).
Posted By: 7PCGamer Re: Divine Divinity causes system reset - 30/12/17 04:23 AM
Theres no minidump folder thats been created yet.
Also the reset is perfectly reproducible.. theres no variability in behavior.. it's too predictable to be a hardware problem..
am on latest drivers for all components

video: Adrenalin 17.12.2
audio: Realtek v8004
chipset: X370 v17.40

..and am using the GOG version, everything else including dx12/vulkan games are running stable .. in fact this is the only app that has crashed till date, and it crashes in a horrid manner causing the os to initiate a hard reset.

EDIT: I have also tried the software mode... the screen blanks on launch and CTDs without any error msg
Posted By: Raze Re: Divine Divinity causes system reset - 02/01/18 10:15 AM

Have you tried higher resolutions?

If you don't force vsync, does that allow the game to start? If so, does it actually cause heat issues?

Try running the game in Win 9x compatibility mode (right click on the ..\SteamApps\common\divine_divinity\div.exe file, select Properties and switch to the Compatibility tab).

Try the Windows 8 Performance "Patch" (works in Win 7 and 10, as well); that can help with some startup crashes.

You can try using the disk version of the configuration program, to set the game to run in Direct Draw mode. Rename or move the existing configtool.exe and NlsEng.dll files in the install folder, and extract the disk version. Note that this will also reset the game resolution to what the disk version supported, but you can manually edit the config.div file to change the resolution back.

There is a configuration file edit to skip the intro videos (see here), which could help.
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