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Posted By: caninelegion Lost Quest Items - 20/01/18 12:07 AM
Is there an up-to-date link to get lost quest items for DD?

Trying to help someone at the GOG site. Apparently the one found in searches is no longer hosted.
Posted By: Raze Re: Lost Quest Items - 20/01/18 06:53 AM

What item(s)?
Posted By: caninelegion Re: Lost Quest Items - 20/01/18 08:11 AM
The book the indicts the merchants' guild treasurer. Maria's quest.
Posted By: Raze Re: Lost Quest Items - 20/01/18 09:09 AM

Merchant Guild's Financial Records (45KB) - from Malcolm's house. If you have talked to Maria and got the quest to clear her name, this ledger book should be on top of a cabinet in the bedroom (51KB).

Lost Items - guide and directory of inventory files
Posted By: caninelegion Re: Lost Quest Items - 20/01/18 11:23 AM
Got it and passed it on: sure would be easier if GOG allowed pasting.

EDIT: Only partial success; he was able to get and present the book to get his guild membership and key but that was as far as it went. I think it may have fallen under the warning area that doing such things may break future things.
Posted By: Tarnum Re: Lost Quest Items - 21/01/18 10:37 PM
All merchant guild side quest problems were fixed by the official 1.33 patch for original CD release of the game:
- Merchants Guild Tingalf quest problem solved.
- Fixed:Becoming a member of the Merchants Guild by paying gold doesn't work.
- Fixed:Trevor dialog, can expose Tingalf before receiving quest.

GoG release of the game should be considered deprecated because it doesn't contain fixes added by official patches (and patches cannot be installed over GoG release due to incompatibility). Moreover GoG release have even more problems compared to official (unpatched) game release from 2002.
Posted By: Raze Re: Lost Quest Items - 03/02/18 10:55 AM

Were you around for the disk version of the game? Fixing an issue that can cause a particular problem, doesn't mean that problem can never be caused by anything else, or that every cause of the problem was covered by the fix. People still had problems with the Tingalf quest series after the 1.33 patch, for example.

There are bug fixes in the download version of the game not in the unpatched disk version (such as the magic lockpicks breaking).

BTW, the GOG version is identical to the Steam release.
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