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Posted By: Biflspud Now I can't save in Verdistis? What gives? - 11/03/03 11:20 PM
I'm aware of the problem where sometimes your character can save after entering the Dark Forest, and sometimes you can't, and there's nothing you can do about it. So I make it a habit to "test" my character by entering the Dark Forest ASAP, and making sure that, yes, it's ok for me to save. But now I'm facing a similar problem with Verdistis. I can enter Verdistis just fine, but I can't save or leave (except for teleporting) after having done so, and if I head due north from the opening, the game grinds to a halt.

Any thoughts on how to fix/avoid this annoyance?
I also encountered this yesterday, when in the graveyard(kidnapped girl quest). Can anyone offer some insight why Save is sometimes 'unavailable'?
I also couldn't save in the old graveyard, but it is a very small area so no big deal
It is normal and (AFAIR) intended that you can't save during the graveyard-quest near the poorer quarters.
It's not that I can't save while in Verdistis, I can't save ever again after entering Verdistis. I also can't walk outside the gates, back into Rivertown. Essentially, entering Verdistis ends the game for me.

I can walk past the snoozing gate guard, and the ghostly head asks if I want to go to Rivertown. Doesn't matter if I say yes or no, I stay exactly where I am (in fact, I can even walk down to the gate and open it up, but I won't transition to the next map). The same sort of thing happens, seemingly at random, to some of my characters upon entering the Lost Forest.

Even if I leave via teleport pyramid or portals, I still can't save.

I remember that kind of posting from somewhere in the old forum. I don't know the result of it any more, but I thought that was fixed with HF7....
I also couldn't save in the old graveyard, but it is a very small area so no big deal

You're right it is small, but I just got the game, and was wondering if it's going to be a re-ocurring issue, or just there.

Posted By: Raze Re: Now I can't save in Verdistis? What gives? - 12/03/03 06:13 PM
Saving in the graveyard by the poor quarter was deliberately disabled to avoid a bug/glitch in that area.

The game will disable saving if it thinks you are in the middle of a cut scene. Did you maybe start the scene with the knight on the road to Verdistis, but not finish it? One person ran into this problem after seeing the disappearing gem south of the poor quarter's graveyard, but not following it to the meeting / cut scene. If you can save just before entering, but not after, the game may have a problem with the snoozing guard, who is suppose to talk to you as soon as you step towards him.
in the graveyard i had the same not saving thing. However, once Jake the zombie appears....... saving is enabled again.
Posted By: kiya Re: Now I can't save in Verdistis? What gives? - 20/03/03 11:14 PM
Spacejuju, your saving prob in the cemetary was intended by the Larians - completely different than the Verdistis prob.

Excerpt out of the Larian Tech Faq
7) Problem: I cannot save anymore
Sometimes the game prevents you from saving. This is usually the case during scenes which are busy. When the scenes end, you will be able to save again. There is one known bug with this and that is with the encounter with Zombie Jake after he kidnapped Elora. You must kill him if you want to be able to save again. This issue will be addressed in a future patch.

yep......... but the thing is that i could save before i killed jake. As soon as the cutscene ended, saving was possible.
I am having the same problem of not being able to either save or get out of verdistis. In addition to this problem, once i get to verdistis, in about 3 min the game will freeze as if the character is in a cut scene (status bars dissapear). My character won't be able to move anywhere but i can see other regular characters moving or walking around. Is there any known fix to this verdistis problem? I can't continue the game now.

Thanks in advance...
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