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Posted By: ProneIsland Eternally Stalked by the Undead Stalker - 05/07/20 08:37 PM
Hey guys (Spoilers Below),

First time poster having an issue with Quentis Normaond in his stalker form. Essentially I finished the stalker quest, resurrected him, and used aura of command on him. He acted like a normal summon for a while, but sometime after I noticed he stopped attacking enemies and now there are limited ways of interacting with him. Poison cloud does not damage him, banish (lv 5) does not get rid of him, sleeping doesn't make him dissipate like the other summons. It seems like the root of the glitch is that some part of the game engine doesn't know he's actually there. I've found I can mouse over him and check his health, bless him, and heal him.

I think I started noticing this when I teleported into the sphere to recruit the imp council member. After the dialogue with the Queen Bee and the Wasp Mage, I saw that he would not attack anything but figured it worked out for me since I rather him not accidentally attack any bees while I finish that quest. Unfortunately I had no idea I wouldn't be able to get rid of him afterwards, so no saves before the glitch.

Technical details:
  • V1.0062A w/o patches
  • Windows 10
  • DDSaveEdit to move around skill points occasionally
  • Edited keylist.txt a few times
  • Used new story file method to workaround failing the holy artifact quest (although did this long before stalker glitch occurred)

Ideally I'd like to just delete the NPC altogether or otherwise find a way to kill him. While the glitch doesn't break my game, it is disconcerting to see him everywhere and his large hitbox sometimes gets in the way of looting and such. Ultimately though the irony of the whole situation annoys me to no end. Thanks in advance and I'd be happy to provide anything that helps solve the issue.

Posted By: Raze Re: Eternally Stalked by the Undead Stalker - 06/07/20 07:43 AM

If you cast Aura of Command on other resurrected creatures or scorpion traps (up to 5, depending on the level of the skill), does that bump him off the list of followers?

Hex editing to replace his character data may work (Reviving dead NPCs); I'd have to get the data where he hadn't been resurrected from a save after that point in my playthrough. It is probably possible to edit his hit points, as well, but he would need to take some kind of damage for that to kill him.

Zip your latest save and email it to (or reply/PM/email with a Dropbox or Google drive link, etc) and I can take a look at it.
Yea bumping him off that way was one of the first things I tried to no avail, though I forgot to mention it. One interesting thing I've noticed is that although I have aura of command at level 3, I can get more than 3 followers. I think I can get 6 total (not including the glitched stalker).

I was wondering about using the hex editor... maybe I'll give it a try.

Here's a Box Sync link to the zipped save folder:

Posted By: Raze Re: Eternally Stalked by the Undead Stalker - 07/07/20 12:34 AM

Here is a link to an edited data.000 file, with Quentus' data replaced, removing him from following. Extract it into your 'council' save folder, overwriting the original (or rename the existing file first). Let me know if you have any problems.
Nice that seems to have worked! Thanks.
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