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Posted By: Winiret Raze! Anybody! PLEASE! Help! - 29/03/22 01:54 AM
Hello reader,

I am deeply in love with Divinity 2 Developer's cut, it's been a consistently wonderful game experience and a personally developing game for me.

I however do not frequent forums like... ever. Though I am desperate! I can not continue my save game as of this moment without some information!!

To save some time and get right to the point - I am a perfectionist trying to complete the logbook and kill every possible enemy in Ego Draconis. However 1 single entry has me completely stumped.

Geshniz's Metal Skeleton.

I Somehow have a kill logged for this creature on 2 other save files that are abandoned projects but on my current playthrough I can not for the life of me figure out how I got this creature.

The only thing I know is that it happens between after the battle tower is acquired and flames of vengeance.

I have tried to wait for Geshniz to summon a mob, and I have tried looking around her fortress area. I have even tried saving and reloading the cell she is fought in and still no luck.

Any info on this matter would be greatly appreciated!
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