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Posted By: dj_b0by Help Laniel's room - 11/11/10 06:59 PM
where can i find the key to laniel's room?
Posted By: Eliirae Re: Help Laniel's room - 11/11/10 07:01 PM
Continue with the game and you should get it for helping some people in the Crow's Nest.
Posted By: tonyb Re: Help Laniel's room - 13/11/10 10:27 AM
Hi, can anyone help i'm stuck with this as well. I think i've helped everyone at Crows Nest and no one has given me a key. I ate the vegetables so can't get into the room.
Posted By: Nasuradin Re: Help Laniel's room - 13/11/10 10:51 AM
If you ate the vegetables you can still get into the room by finding hidden notes in the city that give you the number combo to open the door via talking to the book, I could never find the 3rd vegetable and I just ended up opening the door without the passwords.

If your lazy then...
What fun is it without trying to find it?
[spoiler]Are you sure?
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This is of course the shielded door to the forbidden archives in the prancing seahorse we are talking about, because the key to Laniel's room is dropped from...

Posted By: tonyb Re: Help Laniel's room - 13/11/10 12:36 PM
Thanks for the reply, i solved it just after i posted. Now have full Dragon armour charmed and enchanted and my level 45 slayer is looking awesome. With a sword and shield she's doing on average over a 1000 dps Oh and she's a mage.
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