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Posted By: Phoynix Removing the "FOG" effect - 15/11/10 02:43 AM
Any way to turn it off?

I dont remember it being as bad as it is in the orginal ego draconis, but the fog effect ends up washing out all the colour in DKS.
It starts WAY to soon as in even your char has more/less colour depending on how close the camera is to them.

The world would look a hell of alot better(looks good already) if colours wernt being washed out of every thing with the fog, OR the fog at least only kicked in after a reasonble distance.

Infact the ONLY place in real life that has this kinda effect on a daily basis are cities.

[Linked Image]
Posted By: Kein Re: Removing the "FOG" effect - 16/11/10 02:20 PM
No, there is none. I don't think so.
Posted By: Amnariel Re: Removing the "FOG" effect - 16/11/10 05:35 PM
This effect is normally,go to camping in the mountains and take a look over landscape,you will observe laugh
Posted By: Kein Re: Removing the "FOG" effect - 07/12/10 10:00 PM
Just finished the tutorial and... WTH! PALE MIST! EVERYWHERE.

Larian, what did you, lol. MY EYES HURTS! Can we have some advanced option in config.xml (or something like that) to remove that fog? I can live with dynamically loading/missing objects on farplane, I swear!

Save our eyes! We need it when we get older!
Posted By: Endurium Re: Removing the "FOG" effect - 08/12/10 01:25 AM
To me, the worst fog is when we first arrive in Broken Valley, but after you enter or bypass the village everything looks considerably better. I don't recall it being too noticeable anywhere else, and Aleroth looks great in FoV.

That one patch of fog makes my eyes water, and I don't even suffer from pollen-related allergies.

I'd rather see the blur removed from dragon flight though. That's silly, but probably done to enhance performance.
Posted By: Demonic Re: Removing the "FOG" effect - 08/12/10 01:30 AM
Is that a moustache?

I agree about the blurriness making your eyes water. Damn that! I was even thinking that playing Divinity II would soon effect my eyes. The colours are VERY bright as well. Who tested the game? Someone who was colour blind? Just kidding!
Posted By: DSabre Re: Removing the "FOG" effect - 08/12/10 05:15 AM
Care to tell me how you got Crystal Skull so early ingame? Or how did you do to play after completing the game, IF you did? Also, how did you make AA work?

And yea, I do like the fog effect
Posted By: Kein Re: Removing the "FOG" effect - 08/12/10 12:08 PM
AFAIR, the fog wasn't that bad in D2: Ego DRaconis v1.01. But now it's just... OVERKILL.
Posted By: Kein Re: Removing the "FOG" effect - 08/12/10 03:37 PM
Wait... why in the hell this thread in Help/Tips/Tricks? :<

Mods, you gonna be fired! :P
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