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Posted By: Stabbey Chanelle's dirty secret... (minor spoilers) - 28/11/10 02:34 AM
Chanelle seems on the surface to be a nice, wholesome woman. But what is the REAL story. In her shop, you can clearly see a back room behind some shelving, plain to see. Yet Chanelle denies the existence of that room. Why?

There are teleporters visible in those rooms? Where do they go? Only into the heart of horror itself! Those teleporters lead straight to a den of evil! I am referring to the base of operations of vile necromancers! Yes, the vile necromancers that secretly run the Wild Willows asylum!

What is their connection with Chanelle? Does she supply them with vile concoctions? Or does she supply them with fresh victims for their ever-growing army of the undead?

Who can say what darkness lies in the heart of Lanilor Lane...
Maybe that's why her Uncle made cover up the stench of the dead.
What about the similar room on the upper floor?
You can get there from another teleport in the same asylum.

Channelle seems to be completely clean. When you teleport behind her shelves and she happens to walk by, she seems confused and angry that you are behind her shelves.
I found her denial of a secret room to be a bit strange, given that I could clearly see a room and hear it's machinery from both floors of her place.

Maybe she is free of wrongdoing, but something's not right.
Maybe she can't see it because its magically delicious.
I believe there is a special plant in one of those rooms.
Are you saying growers have gotten behind her shop? They are pretty sneaky. And have been known to use golf courses, attics, and basements. I guess it all makes perfect sense. But growing in plain view would take the cake.

Then again if she was aware of the little operation. Wouldn't you be able to confront her after plucking those herbs.
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