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Posted By: joliekiller Some quqtions - 28/02/12 06:22 PM
Hi all,
i finally got my hands on a dks copy claphands

I'm now a lvl 14 with mainly warrior stats.

1. i'm now in maxos temple right before the library. I have only 1 health potion left. These goons give me a hard time. I cant go back out of the tmple. Is there another way to get potions now??

2. right before the library there is a chandelair with a key on it. Is this key important and is the only way to get it to jump on the chandelair?

3. I hav equipment that sais +1 regenarte (passive skill) but i cant find the skill anywere in my skilltree.

4. Is there a big difference between dks and the original dd2?
Posted By: hooley boy Re: Some quqtions - 28/02/12 07:59 PM
I hope i can answer youre questions

1. I think there is a waypoint shrine in the maxos temple when you do the three challenges that you can use to get to broken valley

3. The regeration skill is in the warrior section and is about 5 levels down on the left i find it a very useful skill

4. There is a bit of a difference between dks and the original dd2 as some armour sets have been scattered around when they were all in the same area in dd2 and in dd2 you dont have fov but in dks you automatically go straight to it after finishing ego draconis
Posted By: Raze Re: Some quqtions - 28/02/12 10:22 PM

There is also a teleporter shrine just after the library, if hit and run tactics, the creature, stat boost potions, etc, can help with the goons.

Once you hit level 15 you can learn the Healing spell. The Ghost summon can heal you, if you have a piece of jewellery with that bonus or a spare skill point. If you stay between it and opponents it will be more likely to heal you than attack using its fireball spell.

The key on the chandelier is for the chest at the top of the stairs. The only way to get is to jump there, but the chest can also be opened by level 4 or 5 Lockpick.

There are lots of small differences between the original D2:ED and DKS. The biggest change is probably the redesign of the flying fortresses and removal of most of the anti-dragon shields there. With the Xbox version the camera distance was moved in closer, and the behaviour of Target Lock modified a bit.
Posted By: Joram Re: Some quqtions - 29/02/12 08:04 AM
If you play as a warrior I believe you haven't put any points into Summon Ghost, did you?
If that's true, Summon Ghost(SG) at only level 1 is weak ! If you're level 14 you can have already a SG that's of around your own level (5/5 points invested in SG)!

Like Raze said : there's a Scrine just after the library, so summon your Creature, try to run & jump along the Black Ring Members straight to that Scrine and use it .

If this all you can't survive, try this :
spend 1 skillpoint in Hide in Shadows (Priest Skill) and use this to run invisible to that Scrine !
But Warning: as long as an enemy is busy to attacking you (arrows, magic or melee!), Hid in Shadows will fail if you try it! So first prepair your Creature and if the battle starts, jump back on a save spot (out of the line of any enemy (ranger/mage)),
save the game (make a separate save game if you wish)
and use Hide in Shadows(HiS) to run to the Scrine wink
At level 1 in HiS you're 10 seconds invisible, or as long as your mana pool isn't empty ! wink

Good Luck smile
Posted By: joliekiller Re: Some quqtions - 29/02/12 08:18 PM
Some nic tips joram but i dont have skill points to spare smile

i'll do mt best and i really neede i 'll see how far before this point my latest save game goes :))

Ow 1 question, i s there anything interesting in the black ring camp in broken valley?

Should i finish maxos temple completly now or should i first gt more expirience in other places?
Posted By: Raze Re: Some quqtions - 29/02/12 10:06 PM

The opponent at the end of the temple is level 15, IIRC (uses Explosive Arrows, anyway, which has level 15 requirement to learn), so it would help if you were at least close (level 15 would give you access to spells like Healing, etc).

What Black Ring camp? The Black Ring takes over the quarry; you can clear the opponents outside and get a little loot, but will not be able to enter the tower until after taking over the battle tower.
The bandit camp (a little north of the quarry) has a few side quests you can do, before you report back the location and password (afterwards everyone is hostile).

When you finish off Maxos Temple you will get access to Sentinel Island. Your first encounter there you can mindread to go up a level, so the higher level you are the more of an experience bonus that will be. I made it to 22 in the fjords, with Broken Valley pretty much cleared (only a few quests left to turn in). You don't need to get to a high level, but it would be better if you got to a new level before entering, to get a full level bonus (equip anything you have with a Wisdom boost).
Posted By: ChrisHLD Re: Some quqtions - 01/03/12 03:43 AM
Originally Posted by joliekiller
Ow 1 question, i s there anything interesting in the black ring camp in broken valley?

Should i finish maxos temple completly now or should i first gt more expirience in other places?

It’s a bandit camp. Not a black ring camp. If you haven’t reported the password/location to Louis yet there are 4 quests there that can really help out.

Also the enemies start getting pretty tough from where you’re at so if it were me I’d try to stock up on potions somewhere. Alchemy or merchants. Enchanting life leech on weapons is good also.
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