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Posted By: Dundalis Enchantments - 19/06/13 12:34 PM
What's the point of using, for example for weapons, fire curse or poison over increased damage?

It seems pointless putting an enchantment on that does extra fire or poison damage only a % of the time when you can the same or more normal/magic damage all the time. Even if it's to do with resistance, the % chance makes those seem redundant.

Retribution Aura seems useless, as well as damage aura on jewelry when you have Static Charge Aura. Are these enchantments as useless as they look?
Posted By: Raze Re: Enchantments - 19/06/13 01:32 PM

Later in the game you can have weapons with 3 enchantment slots, so I have used Poison / Fire Curse on melee weapons and Butcher on a bow (Increased Damage and Increased Magical Damage always being my first and second choice, when available).

Static Charge was always my first choice for jewellery, but some people like the damage or retribution auras. My second choice was usually Magic Damage Aura.

Before getting the battle tower there is a limit to how often you can change enchantments, so sometimes that means leaving a high level enchantment on something even if it isn't one of your preferred ones, or adding an enchantment you have the ingredients for after running out of your usual enchantment's requirements.
A poor enchantment you have the formula for is also arguably better than a good enchantment that you don't have the formula for yet.
Posted By: Stabbey Re: Enchantments - 19/06/13 01:59 PM
You can only put one type of enchantment on once, so when you have two or three enchantment slots, you have to use the other for something.

Yes, Retribution is pretty useless, both as a skill and enchantment, because it returns a percentage of the damage that is done to you to an enemy. The problem is that enemy HP is hugely inflated compared to the player's HP, and if it wasn't enough to kill you, it's not going to do much to hurt them. It adds a bit of damage, but there are better options to use first.

Jewellery's only good enchantment is Healing Aura, but that requires the supply-limited Malachite Gems, so it's not feasible to casually slap on. Just use whatever you feel like on jewellery.
Posted By: Dundalis Re: Enchantments - 20/06/13 09:27 AM
Ok, well Im an unarmed character so I won't be using weapons other than a bow. And my bow (wild dwellers bow) only has one enchantment slot for 75 extra normal damage, which I put on it. I'm trying not to use the bow too much, but it's hard not to playing on nightmare.

I've actually been buying some of the cheaper weapons that happen to have very good enchantments on them from vendors (I'm only part way into sentinal island), stripping them of the enchantments for the formula and then selling them back at the reduced price. As the armor and jewelry I've got has been better than what vendors sell so I've had not much else to spend money on. Seems like a good move given buying higher level enchantment formulas by themselves can be just as or more expensive especially when you factor in sell back for the equipment.

So basically ive got a lot of the high level (upto L8/9) enchantment formulas already. Ive also got 8 malachite gems, 3 from broken valley and 5 from the depleted ore mine veins. Did do some reloading on those.
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