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Posted By: Dundalis Resistance points - 14/07/13 07:32 AM
What do the values mean? i.e. Full resistance potion gives +23 to armor, and Allen's Brew gives +36 (Allen brew + potion efficiency = win btw)

Is this a percentage increase? It doesn't seem like it from calculations. Same goes for resistance points on armor.
Posted By: Raze Re: Resistance points - 14/07/13 12:15 PM

The total resistance is a percentage (maxing out at 66), but how the contributions to that are calculated vary. From the Dragon Knight Saga FAQ/Guide:

Melee Icon: Red shield with crossed swords.
Ranged Icon: Green shield with a bow.
Magic icon: Blue shield with a white energy ball.

The percentage of damage from attacks of the corresponding type that you resist. A melee resist of 50% means you take half the melee damage you would at 0%. The stat is shown in percentage, but all increases occur in the form of vague, undefined "points," with one point equaling much less than 1% of resistance, and decreasing in value the higher the resistance is.

Resistance from stats is different than from armour. Each point gained from equipped armour is worth a full point, thus an armour that gives +5 to Melee Resistance gives a full 5 points. Each point in a stat is worth 40% of an armour point (or 0.4 of an armour point). Five stat points would have the same effect as 2 armour points (so that +5 Melee Resist armour is 20 Strength worth of defense).
Posted By: Dundalis Re: Resistance points - 14/07/13 12:50 PM
Ok that seems odd.

So you can't get more than 66% to any resistance?
Posted By: Raze Re: Resistance points - 14/07/13 01:40 PM

Resistances are capped at 66%, Conditioned Body / Heightened Reflexes / Indomitable Will at 75% and the primary stats are capped at 100.
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