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Posted By: Haemiltoen A Hunting we shall go again - 15/09/13 01:31 AM
Sejanus is talking about the Quest, but i don't get it in the Questlog and i can't give him the Quest items i have gathered. Is there a command i can use to insert the quest in my Questlog, which might trigger the rest of the conversation or do i get the quest somewhere else?
Posted By: Raze Re: A Hunting we shall go again - 15/09/13 02:45 AM

The quest is started by reading the wanted posters near Sejanus. If you keep going straight after coming up the middle of the ramp, you'll run right into the sign. Sejanus occasionally gets up and walks over to the sign, though if you stop to loot and then go talk to the two at the table, it is possible to miss.
Posted By: Haemiltoen Re: A Hunting we shall go again - 15/09/13 03:18 AM
The Questsign over Sejanus' head and every guide i read on the internet just mentioning him as the one giving the quest is a bit confusing, too.
Posted By: Raze Re: A Hunting we shall go again - 15/09/13 03:31 AM

When you first talk to Sejanus and ask him if there is anything you can help the Champions with, he points out the wanted posters and says they don't have the manpower to handle those fugitives, but you are welcome to do so. That isn't required though, you just need to read the wanted posters.

Lancet's Dragon Knight Saga FAQ/Guide correctly identifies the trigger for the quest.
Posted By: vintage_gamer Re: A Hunting we shall go again - 31/03/15 12:14 AM
What's the deal with Moor & Ragan? I can talk with Moor (and say "so long" so he sicks his guys on me) but he never actually shows up. Not on Moor's area or anywhere else...

For Ragan - the guy that drops the key to get to him didn't spawn. Same for the runekeepers I need to take down in "Runes of Wrath".

So it's messed up - seems I can't finish these quests!:( Anybody else have these problems??
Posted By: Raze Re: A Hunting we shall go again - 31/03/15 03:43 AM

Moor sounds like a bug. Such missing NPCs (particularly the flying fortress generals and a couple others) was a moderately rate bug in DKS; it is much less common in D2:DC, but can still happen.

In Ragon's cave, there is a set of pressure plates that need to be activated in sequence to lower the barrier.

For the troll cave, there are 2 paths that lead to the barrier, one has a couple platform thingies on the ground on the opposite side of the barrier, and one has then on the near side, which you can reach. The latter is the location where the troll runekeeper should be.

Email a save before triggering the conversation with Moor to, and I can likely fix Moor's location, and check out the two caves.

With the Developer's Cut version of the game, you might be able to load the save in the Developer Mode version, hit F11 and use the cheat window to teleport to Moor, kill him, collect the loot and then teleport out (presumably he clipped below ground, so I'm not sure if you'd be able to attack if you can teleport to him).
Posted By: vintage_gamer Re: A Hunting we shall go again - 06/04/15 05:28 AM
Huh, thanks;)
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