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Posted By: Farflame Chronology of Divinity universe - 07/04/12 08:55 PM
Lar said some time ago that they work on website (?) with chronology/history of Divinity universe. Is there some news when and where it will be presented?
Posted By: Demonic Re: Chronology of Divinity universe - 07/04/12 09:27 PM
Probably later this year.
Posted By: Stabbey Re: Chronology of Divinity universe - 07/04/12 09:56 PM
Let's hope it untangles some of the confusion. Dragon Knights are these huge powerful lords of various areas, and they were unheard of until Divinity 2.

And Aleroth was a tiny village atop some ruins in Divinity 1, but it was apparently a big thriving place long ago.

And Divine Divinity said there was a war between the Seven Good Gods and the Lord of Chaos, then there was the war between the Damned wizards and the Duke of Ferol - with an insubstantial Lord of Chaos, and a later war 600 years before Divinity 1 that was between the Damned and the Seven Races. Where do the Wizard Wars fit in that chronology?

And there were apparently big wars between Dragon Knights earlier as well, apparently, given what I've heard about Dragon Commander.

In the meantime, all the races from Divinity 1 except for humans and imps seems to have dropped from the face of the planet.

I'm still not clear if Rivellon is the name of the continent or the planet, or where the Black Ring is getting all the human troops it piled onto those Flying Fortresses.

Posted By: Raze Re: Chronology of Divinity universe - 07/04/12 10:28 PM

AFAIK nothing else has been said about that since it was first mentioned. I got the impression it was something they'd eventually clean up someday and release (couldn't find Lar's post in a quick search). Maybe it will be a book in the Divinity 3 collector's edition. evil
Posted By: Divine Avenger Re: Chronology of Divinity universe - 08/04/12 04:53 AM
well we can only hope, like Stabby said there are a few points that need clearing up like the elves & dwarfs why don't we see the dwarfs in DKS.
Posted By: Raze Re: Chronology of Divinity universe - 08/04/12 05:30 AM

There was originally going to be an area containing elves and dwarves in D2:ED, but it got cut during development. A swamp also got cut (screenshot 588KB), which may have been in the same map as the elves and dwarves (possibly the Dark Forest and farmlands, since the former was the main location for elves and dwarves in Divine Divinity and the latter was starting to be overtaken by swamp in Beyond Divinity).
Posted By: Divine Avenger Re: Chronology of Divinity universe - 08/04/12 06:51 AM
it would have been awsome to see if it hadn't have been cut
Posted By: Demonic Re: Chronology of Divinity universe - 08/04/12 05:22 PM
I thought the Wizard Wars happened way before the Lord of Chaos started his campaigns. I remember one of the wizards in DKS saying that the Wizard Wars make the wars between The Divine One and Damned One seem like skirmishes but maybe he was referring to the current wars and not the wars where there was some manifestation of the Lord of Chaos on the battlefield. Reading the lengthy prologue to Divine Divinity (was it 28 pages or something? I can't remember), you see that the wars before DD were rather huge and all the races and their armies needed to join forces at one point to stop the Black Ring. In Divinity 2, only the humans stand fighting against the Black Ring and one man/woman contributes mostly to their efforts. Mind you, the humans were just barely hanging on before the DK shows up and it's only with the Eye of the Patriarch (or the other thing) that the DK is able to launch a counter attack.

I swear there was a mention of orcs in Divinity 2. Didn't those Black Ring members in the mining tower say that green skins (orcs) are constructing the flying fortresses? Or was it that they were slaves? Same thing I guess but that mention says they still exist.

Elves and dwarves seem to have faded LOTR style from the world. Realistically, I'd imagine the elves are simply very few along with the dwarves. They were already quite small in Divine Divinity wherein mostly humans ruled the lands that you saw. Hopefully Divinity 3 shows us what's happened to them.

I'm glad to see Dragon Commander is bringing back elves, dwarves and orcs though.
Posted By: Soccer Re: Chronology of Divinity universe - 04/07/12 08:44 AM
When the exactly happen events in the game Dragon Commander? From where did technologys, guns, holographic projectors and air carriers came from? Where are Damian and Divine One?
Posted By: Raze Re: Chronology of Divinity universe - 04/07/12 09:21 AM

Dragon Commander is set a thousand years before the events of Divine Divinity, in the time of Maxos (if you are familiar with lore from Divinity 2), when magic and technology were at their peak.

In the Divine Divinity lore, imps were talented magicians and engineers. In Dragon Commander they focus much more on the latter aspect, for a mad scientist type approach to technology. I don't know if the game will attempt to explain the existence of things inspired by steam punk / diesel punk, other than it being a time of progress, with an eventual downfall (ie few advanced machines in the other Divinity games).

Welcome to the forum. wave
Posted By: Rymdkejsaren Re: Chronology of Divinity universe - 21/07/14 06:00 PM
Well in Dragon Commander it is clear that the warmachines you employ will be destroyed after you have conquered all of Rivellon, so that no one may use them again.

I would like to see a more detailed history of Rivellon though, if such a thing is even possible. It seems to me that Larian tend to play around quite freely with the writing.
Posted By: James 540 Re: Chronology of Divinity universe - 27/07/14 10:46 AM
Check it
It`s Kickstarter update #13 there is short summary of Rivellon`s Histiry
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