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As a lover of Divinity 2 and an Original Sin backer I'm tempted by Dragon Commander mainly for the universe and want to make up my mind before release (so I get the imperial edition upgrade..!).

I used to play a lot of strategy games such as company of heroes, command and conquers etc but was never too great at them and have no interest in multiplayer games, pure single player and story person.

What I'm trying to work out is if Dragon Commander has a meaty single player with a full campaign and if it will simply be a bit too complex for a light touch strategy fan!?

Thanks for any guidance guys!
The campaign will be pretty big and with lots of replayability. With the latest patch they added casual difficulty, so I think everyone can give it a go.

I've tried a couple RTS games before, but didn't last long. I did ok in Dragon Commander on easy a few betas ago, though (the last few betas continued to improve the AI, but I didn't play enough to improve my own skills; I have not tried the just added casual difficulty yet).

There is a significant single player campaign, with a story line for each of the 4 princesses and 4 generals, in addition to the main plot. There are 5 advisers, each with their own story arc if you gain enough favour with that particular race. There are more choices and consequences in Dragon Commander than in any of the previous Divinity RPGs.

Multi-player drops the story and RPG aspect on board the Raven (the command ship) and just has the turn based strategy map and RTS combat. In the campaign you can auto-resolve battles, and in single player pay generals to lead your troops, giving a boost to your chances of winning (which vary depending on the type of battle and the general).

There are a few press previews of the single player campaign (the pre-order beta is currently just multi-player, but the press beta contains the first part of the single player campaign). The PCGMedia preview focuses on the RPG elements.
Larian just did a playthrough of the single player campaign into chapter 2 on, but skipped though all the story stuff to avoid spoilers.
Thanks very much both of you thats really helpful!
I have never played any RTS game before but it took me not all too long to figure out how this part of the game works in DC. So, I don't think that you should be afraid that the game would be too complex for a light touch strategy fan^^. You can slow down the pace of the battles and also adjust the difficulty settings (or even do autoresolve^^).

So far, no single-player campaign had been added to the beta. But from what I have heard and seen it should have a deep and long story. Take a look on some Let's play videos on youtube from the press beta (they had the first chapter of the game or so).^^
Cool I think I've heard enough to convince me, just pre-ordered!

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