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Posted By: Jawehawk Ability to upgrade to Imperial Edition - 04/01/14 12:21 PM
Heya folks

I recently gave in to temptation, and bought this brilliant game. However, as I wasn't sure that I'd like the game to begin with, I of course did not spend the extra cash on the Imperial Edition. It doesn't help that Steam does not actually tell you what the Imperial Edition contains.

Anywho, now that I've completed the game (first playthrough took me 20 hours), I'm rather impressed with the amounts of stuff the game pulls off, and would really love to have the Imperial Edition. Is there any chance that it could be offered as an upgrade to the base game?

As I understand it, it is actually availible as an upgrade elsewhere, but that doesn't help you if you have the Steam version.

I beg of you, Larian. Make it happen!
Posted By: Toadstool Re: Ability to upgrade to Imperial Edition - 06/01/14 01:48 PM
Just wanted to let you know, that you are right, there is an Imperial Edition Upgrade on GOG, however the GOG version differs from the steam version anyway.

To what the Imperial Edition contains, i'll quote GOG:

Goldern Dragon skin
Digital soundtrack
Dragons on Earth campaign map
Behind the Scenes documentary

So basically you're not missing anything if you don't have it. I just bought the Imperial Edition because it was on sale and actually cheaper than the regular version.
Posted By: Jawehawk Re: Ability to upgrade to Imperial Edition - 07/01/14 07:41 PM
Somehow, I don't see the soundtrack (in FLAC format if I'm not mistaken?), behind the scenes stuff and an entire campaign map, as nothing. The official page lists the Imperial Edition as being availible as an upgrade. I would assume this would extend beyond just GoG.

In any case, I just really want it, and hope that the devs can/will do something about it.
It is, after all, more potential Money for them.
Posted By: Raze Re: Ability to upgrade to Imperial Edition - 07/01/14 10:38 PM

You are correct about the soundtrack being in FLAC format.

There is another patch in the works for Dragon Commander, but no ETA has been given. Maybe when Larian starts getting that ready for release they will do something about the DLC, as well (depending on what the issue is with it not being available currently).
Posted By: AidBand Re: Ability to upgrade to Imperial Edition - 02/07/22 11:29 AM
SO..... it's been 8 years since that last post, and I still don't see the "imperial edition upgrade" on steam... WHEN is it going to be available there? What exactly, is the hold up? It's been there for years on GOG, but still not on steam - and alas, I bought my game on steam.

Why, oh, why isn't there a similar steam-upgrade for Dragon commander? One can buy one at gog for 0,99 euro at the moment. I looked at steam; normal version: 3,99 (but I already own that). Imperial version: 44,99 euro !!! So for the dragon skin and the extra map, I would need to pay 44 euro extra!!? That's absolutely bunkers and crazy.

WHY isn't there an upgrade on steam like there is on GOG? After 8 years, one had PLENTY of time, I would say.

alternatively: is it possible to implement the (GOG) upgrade on a game one bought at steam?
According to some people, Larian can't change the price of the imperial edition on steam for some reason. Don't know why they can't fix it.
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