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Posted By: Lynn Divinity: Original Sin at E3 (Video Summary) - 08/06/12 08:27 AM
So Thomas our video-star made a movie summarizing our Divinity - Original Sin presentations at E3. He was finished by the time somebody gave us a best of E3 award so that part isn't in it, but you might still like what you see when you check out his movie:

Check it out!

[Linked Image]
Well, the reaction was nothing special, just the usual "I look forward to this game" or "I really like what I see so far" and such (as for most presentations), but I really want to get a chance to look at gameplay videos myself (preferably in HD). That would be awesome.
Bah! Those guys looked like they were employed by Larian Studios!

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*Lar_q's pupils look left and right several times repeatedly before he replies to your comment*

No they're not employed by us. You're banned now BTW.

Well that sucks...

I agree with Kein though. I'd love to see some gameplay videos although I'm not really interested in seeing combat at the moment. I'd much rather see how this very interesting dialogue system works in solo and multiplayer.

I'm more interested in previews though and facts about what will be in the game. I love party based games so I'm hoping we can create a party of four characters. Obviously Sexy chick and Generic looking soldier guy who has got nothing on the Beyond Divinity hero who should have been in this game instead will be the main characters but I'm hoping we can run into some NPC's who can join our party. I think Beyond Divinity allowed an additional two companions which could be summoned via summoning dolls but I haven't played the game fully as of yet to say how the feature plays out.

But I love Baldur's Gate, I love Dragon Age: Origins and I love the final expansion of Neverwinter Nights which allowed the player to have two companions. I find that party based games generally work very well in terms of combat.

I'm not certain on this turn based combat but it looks fun to play and the way that you can combine spells and abilities certainly looks set to add more excitement to battle. Personally I don't like turned based combat but Original Sin looks like it's kinda of revamped the system and made it more quicker and more to do with statistics.


I speak truth!

Look at this:

Lar comes to check up on that woman at 2:07 to make sure she's saying what he told her to! And at 2:59, Lar has a knife to that guy's back and is forcing him to praise the game!

No! Don't ban me! I just want the Beyond Divinity hero back!!!

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Banned and I'm killing the Beyond Divinity hero off now too.
Aaaaah no - my evil master plan unveiled !!! Actually, with a bit of effort you can probably identify several of the people in the movies of Dragon Commander & Original sin. For one of them, I think you need to put both movies together wink
great news!! but,do you think that-dare i ask-fans of [the first] divine divinity are going to like this one as much as they liked the first divine divinity in terms of its storyline and atmosphere? and thank you again Lynn for the awesome news.

Yes. Otherwise, they wouldn't have done it the way they did. biggrin

Seriously, though, they have compared D:OS to DD in general terms, made sure features in D:OS that were also in DD were done better, etc. For storyline, the end of D:OS leads into DD, and (among other things) covers the formation of the Black Ring.
oh i see. So, realistically talking, Divinity-Original Sin can-dare I say-be alternatively titled "divine divinity: origins" as well. it would definitely be interesting to know the origins of our hero in the first DD too!! thanks much for the clarification raze. and nice to see you again hehe
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