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Posted By: Khayness Localization of boxed versions - 14/06/14 02:48 PM

I've run a search about localization on the forums before, most of it was about asking if there will be any plans about certain different languages.

However, I'm interested in the localization of retail versions, particulary the one ordered through the Larian Vault. I'm assuming it will be English through and through (box and stuffs in CE)? I'm living in Hungary, and the major retailers haven't ordered any Larian games since Divinity 2, so I got my boxed Larian game fix from Amazon and the Vault in the past couple years. So I have no clue how other countries with the planned localizations are looking in this regard. I know there were no plans about localization in my language, but games here get released with a catch 'em all Czech/Polish/Hungarian, multiple language editions, so getting the Polish edition by accident would be a bummer.

My only concern is that there were no options present - that I was aware of - the time I made my purchase off the Larian Vault, so I'm hoping I'll be getting the English version. My Polish is not that good, although improving. smile

I thought I'd make a post about it before I make further inquires via e-mail to the Larian Vault, I imagine they are quite busy now, so it might get past them.
Posted By: Magissia Re: Localization of boxed versions - 14/06/14 03:24 PM
From what i found, some boxes are localized if bought from local retailer. But i don't know if it only apply to collector version or to all versions.

There's 1500 localized collector box for each localized version if i'm not wrong.
Posted By: Raze Re: Localization of boxed versions - 14/06/14 04:38 PM

The Larian Vault Collector's Edition boxes are English, though the game itself can be switched to any supported language (currently English, French, German, Polish and Russian).
Posted By: Khayness Re: Localization of boxed versions - 14/06/14 04:48 PM
That's good to hear. I've sent an e-mail to support just to be sure already though, better safe than sorry.
Posted By: warg Re: Localization of boxed versions - 16/06/14 09:51 AM
Hello Khayness, I'm also from Hungary and already tried to figure out if someone is going to translate the game into Hungarian. Since has now problems, this is a hard task, but we'll see.
If nobody has time, I will start it alone next week. hehe
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