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So, I went to check what they did with the kickstarter backers list under options. Found that it's rather... incomplete.

Starting it several times, I managed to get it to start from the very beginning just once.
The one time I let it run its course, it went from p to s.

So... is it intended that the list starts from a random letter and only goes so far, or is it a bug?
Yes, there are several bugs with the list:

- two music tracks are playing at the same time
- some characters are not displayed properly (squares instead of letters)
- the list starts with *j* and not with *a* (at least here)
I think it is random. My first run started on E and ended on J, then once I've run the game again it started from C.
and......... I can not find my name

He should be under S but he isnt......

Not found my name in backer credit.
Normaly under V, but he isnt...
My name is in the backer list but I thought there was supposed to be groups based on what tier you backed?

For example for the tier I backed on kickstarter it states this blurb "Listed in the Credits at Council level"

It looks like right now everyone is just in one massive group, oh well time to enjoy the game!
the list went from a to e for me then stopped thought it had just not been finished. Ah well sure it will get sorted soon.
I think right now they've broken it into categories - such as A to D, E to H etc, could be something they'll fix later.
Just check about 20 times in row and finally list start from begining
I pretty much think the same as Dmnqwk. But I'm not sure if it's intended or a bug, though the randomness isn't exactly a mark of "it's working as intended".

Also, that's supposed to be a full list of kickstarter backers. One should find what name will show up in that list by checking their vault account for "KS Name:".

I am assuming the credits are a different list, imho the end-game credits.
Any word on this?? I have seen where my name SHOULD be for kickstarter backer list but its not there frown
Its seems to me that backers who appears in the Credits, does not appear in the KS List. (At the end of the credits there is a special KS section)
Originally Posted by Raptor 2101
Its seems to me that backers who appears in the Credits, does not appear in the KS List. (At the end of the credits there is a special KS section)

Oh, maybe that's it, same as my "why don't I have a Kickstarter badge?" question...
same. I also still don't have the group thing on my profile.
My name is listed in the Credits. smile Their are no separate backer tiers though (divine, dragon, etc.) as originally promised, just all the backers in one, very large, alphabetically sorted list.

I wish we could speed up the credits using the arrow keys (like in Shadowrun Returns)
I'd say the Kickstarter backers list is indeed pretty broken right now. Two simultaneous music tracks and wrong character encoding in some names (including mine) are clearly bugs. Displaying a random section of the list is very weird and I would also classify that as a bug. And slow scrolling combined with displaying only one column and no ability to speed it up is quite annoying.
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