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Posted By: Kipmunch101 Tedious Puzzles - 04/07/14 09:23 AM
Anyone else getting really tired of all the unnecessary puzzles?!
It seems like every corner I turn there's a puzzle to ruin the moment or just something tedious like pressing buttons in the right order to ruin the game play...

Don't get me wrong I love the game, so far... I'm 68 hours in and just want to move forward, finish the game, enjoy some lore, and great combat.

But instead of enjoying the game...I spend sooooo much time trying to figure out puzzles... which was fun at first. But 68 hours in and seems the puzzles just increase in difficulty with little to no hints on how to solve. For example, the Initiation of Immaculates. I spent a little over an hour trying to figure out the pressure plates. I wont spoil anything... but I talked to all the rats, read all the books, and explored the area. There would of been no way for me to know that there is a certain amount of weight you have to apply on each plate for them to be able to activate.

Or in this moment when I really just want to move forward... but cant because I am still trying to figure out which button order I have to press so that I would be able to acquire the "conduit" blood and her diary. No indication that your even pressing the right button.... no hint that there's 4 buttons (I was trying to solve it at first with just 3 buttons) all the hint you got was from a rat telling you that there is buttons all over the place.
Posted By: ggspot782 Re: Tedious Puzzles - 04/07/14 01:36 PM
I agree puzzles in general are mostly tedious. I hate pixel-hunting for switches or the old and tried "press all ground switches to advance" for 10th time.

I liked that particular puzzle, though.


The statue gives you a VERY obvious hint ("the weight of knowledge"). It felt good figuring out I had to put the book on top to get the right weight on the pressure plate.
Posted By: Songbird Re: Tedious Puzzles - 04/07/14 01:44 PM
Maybe you should wait for someone to write an FAQ so you don't have to go through the tedious puzzles and just follow a guide?
Posted By: LordCrash Re: Tedious Puzzles - 04/07/14 03:04 PM
Puzzles in a game like that are great and imo a must-have.

If you can't figute them out for yourself just have a look in the forums. Most puzzles are already solved by somebody and you can look up the solution there. wink
Posted By: Kipmunch101 Re: Tedious Puzzles - 04/07/14 08:16 PM
Don't get me wrong some are great puzzles... but as ggspot mentioned small pixel hunting is a little annoying... I do love the riddles...
and I wouldn't mind the puzzles at all if they would give off more hints instead of just saying " "There's buttons everywhere".... or an indication of what they do when your press them...and the frequency of them is a little much... I wouldn't want to alt tab every few minutes to figure a puzzle out...that just ruins gameplay for me.

But I finally figured out the last puzzle I was stuck on...and now I'm stuck on the next
I love everything else in the game and I really hope it does well so we can see more content and funny dialogs laugh
Posted By: Fido Re: Tedious Puzzles - 04/07/14 08:41 PM
I'm like you...not a huge fan of the puzzles

hopefully I can just google the answer by the time I get to them
Posted By: lolwut77 Re: Tedious Puzzles - 04/07/14 10:21 PM
I personally love them. Hate it when games have easy puzzles, a la Skyrim.
Posted By: LockeMurdock Re: Tedious Puzzles - 04/07/14 11:39 PM
I love puzzles, but the two you mentioned did kinda put a crimp in my enjoyment. I actually utterly broke the Immaculate area, because my first time there I just picked the lock to the side room, strolled up to the blood stone, and then figured I had finished up there accidentally. I didn't even notice that I could go *down* from there to actually move the story along.

So, upon my return from the Homestead, I thought, "Crap, I bet I needed to actually go through the quest." First door I touch gives me the Rot, which can only be cured via a Blood Stone... which I had already used up an hour ago. Then I got stumped on the pressure plates, because I couldn't find the proper items to get them weighed down. 2/4 worked, but I got frustrated with the last ones. I wound up working backwards and picking locks all over again, which further broke the quest line.

And when I finally *did* get back to the proper place in the storyline, the guy accuses me of cheating because he claimed I didn't have the rot. Which I did. -_-

As for the buttons? No damn idea how I solved it. I randomly mashed until the door opened and I got the blood. There should definitely be some kind of extra hint or somethin'. I mean, the huge compass on the floor felt like it should've been a hint about how to do the buttons, but I never found the reasoning for it.

So yeah. Some puzzles and game logic wind up crossing wires in the game, but most of the challenges are pretty darn good. Overall, I still adore the game. laugh
Posted By: Kipmunch101 Re: Tedious Puzzles - 05/07/14 01:00 AM
Yea I totally agree, LockeMurdock. Just a little more hints would be great! I love figuring things out on my own... but with little to no hints or indication if I'm even on the right track is a little frustrating.
Maybe I just missed them or overlooked it. well time to continue my quest!!...
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