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Posted By: WWWanderer Love you Larian... - 06/07/14 01:46 PM
MY, amazing amazing amazing.
I never never expected a game like this Nowadays.
And I never thought that I would say what I now want to say: D:OS is even better than the loved "Oldies but Goldies".
If DD was good D:OS ist Gigantic/Epic for me.
Really you make me happy this days.
This Game has dephs, yes dephs, something I barely seen in past few years in Games.
It is a pleasure to play D:OS. And the more I play the more I discover about the world Rivelon.
There is so much to discover, that I doubt that anybody will have seen everything in 40h gameplay.
This is one of the Games you might want to stay a while. This game is so much more than just leveling a char end running through Levels and kill everything with a mouse-click.
And I think most flamers flame about the diffuculty of the game, because they have done nothing else in last 10 Years than one-clicking through games.
So please please dont nerf the difficulty of "normal" because it is at its best like it is. and if anybody really have problems, so why dont switching to easys mode?
Nearly every Battle feels epic, because the monsters do there best to survive, so you have to do, and not run into the monsters thinking you are War-God with a one-click-offense-attack-skill or so. smile
I love the fights in D:OS because you sense the "Art of War in a medieval World" and you have do your best to survive. Your DDs have to Damage, Your CCs have to CC, your Warriors have to defend, the healers have to heal, and everybody has his role to play at its best. And thats what makes the Battles so epic in my opinion.
And this is also something I would call "RPG".

And belive me, I am not a person you would call a "Fanboy". I didnt run usally from forum to forum and write things like that.
but this Game is epic for me, and it will be in my Top-List for all times, just like other Games I will never forget (i.e Never Winter Nights)
By the way, if the editor is half so capable like the editor of NWN, my the modder will be happy to modding this game.

Great job Larian, really great job. So thousands of thanks for this...
Posted By: Undead kitty Re: Love you Larian... - 06/07/14 03:03 PM
I fully agree. I'm in awe. I used to think there would never be a game that could ever beat the grateness of Baldur's Gate II but I'm very close of changing my mind. There are just so many little details in D:OS that are blowing my mind.

Very well done. I absolutely love the game so far!
Posted By: Songbird Re: Love you Larian... - 06/07/14 05:51 PM
I support this thread smile
Posted By: Dwel Re: Love you Larian... - 06/07/14 06:15 PM
I've recently been replaying the Baldur's Gate series and Neverwinter Nights and it hit me that we barely have anything like that nowadays. Heck, the last game of this type was what? Neverwinter Nights 2?

Thank you Larian for providing something that is severely lacking in the current game industry landscape. Hopefully this will also prove that an audience exists and more developers take notice.
Posted By: SunniJim Re: Love you Larian... - 06/07/14 06:21 PM
So agree. I am in awe of this game, such a deep and well made adventure that is a pleasure every step of the way.

I also love the difficulty of the fights, failing a fight then coming up with a new strategy that works is so satisfying. One such instance that comes to mind is the fight with the thugs on the way to the statues. I entered from the bottom, their bruisers got in my face and soaked all the damage while the crossbow men used a crap ton of special arrows to ruin me. Never lost a fight so hard. I went away, and thought about it. Crept up with my ranger who used a charm arrow on one of their crossbow men who proceeded to wreak havoc on his own team <3 good feels
Posted By: lolwut77 Re: Love you Larian... - 06/07/14 06:49 PM
Yup. Game blows my mind. Absolutely loving it. smile
Posted By: LordCrash Re: Love you Larian... - 06/07/14 07:02 PM
I agree. Clear GOTY 2014 so far for me and probably the best isometric party RPG since BG2. smile
Posted By: Rubeck Re: Love you Larian... - 07/07/14 04:21 AM
You all are so damn right.

I almost shed manly tears of happiness in the first hour of this game (seriously), because not only are turn-based RPGs extremely rare nowadays, Original Sin also did SO MANY other things right.

No joke, it has all the things I've always wanted in an RPG:

- Top down viewpoint (don't know why, but fully 3D cameras like in the NWN series irk me for this type of game);
- Baldur's Gate / NWN style exploration, but ditching the (imo) lame real-time with pause system for a turn-based one (and a good one at that);
- Open skill-based progression instead of a more linear class-based one;
- Engaging combat system with buttloads of terrain effects to play around with (been wanting something like this ever since I saw Silent Storm's destructible terrain);
- Crafty enemies that use varied tactics and make even a lost battle fun;
- Beautiful art style (hey, it's important too, especially when all the other games even remotely close to what I want are MS-DOS games from 1992 - or look like MS-DOS games from 1992);
- Great writing that keeps it light-hearted and fun;
- Interesting locations, situations and characters that keep you on your toes, because apparently the people at Larian studios are crazy (thankfully).
Fighting a giant, dragon-slaying spider who wears a crab shell and spits out torrents of water? Crafting helmets from pumpkins and pots?? Killing drunk goblins and talking to mushrooms??? Playing cupid to a couple of cats?!?! Sure, why the hell not?

And then, to top it off, the personality system. This was never a feature that I longed for, but it completely won me over nonetheless, even without AI personalities implemented. The way you solve conflicts was pretty clever and putting your two characters to bicker with each other, even in single player, is surprisingly fun.

Larian Studios' previous projects were good (well, most of them), but this one is literally my DREAM GAME! It scratched a very specific gaming itch that I've had for like... more than 10 years.
I hope they have a really obscene, ungodly commercial success with Original Sin.
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