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Posted By: Vince Bly Obtrusive Item Info Panels - 12/07/14 11:45 PM
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After filtering out the rants, I see that many players have made thoughtful suggestions for improving the game, especially the UI. Surprisingly, none of them have mentioned the quite intrusive item info panels. Besides blocking much of the inventory when shuffling things around (as shown in the screen shot) they make it much more difficult to pick things up after a battle. When you press Alt and see an item you want to pick up, as soon as you move your mouse toward it, the item and its name are hidden behind the info panel. This can be especially annoying if the item you want to pick up is right next to an item that does not below to you (so you accidentally steal something). It would be great if the info panel could be toggled on or off or, at least, hidden while you press the shift key or something similar.

Am I the only one who find this more intrusive that in other CRPGs?
Posted By: LordCrash Re: Obtrusive Item Info Panels - 12/07/14 11:49 PM
Hm, doesn't bother me that much. And imo it's just a "precision" issue. If you use your mouse with care there is no risk of grabbing the wrong thing. IIRC you can't even grab something else as long as the mouseover is shown. You always pick up the item which is compared to your stuff.
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