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Posted By: Pimpollo little tweaks you'd like to see - 14/07/14 05:54 AM
tweaks/adjustments I'd like to see and how they would improve the game

*Disclaimer: I love the game but I'm going to wait until the august patch for a new hard playthrough.

The inventory needs some work.

1- Hitting F1,2,3,4, or clicking on a portrait, should switch to that person's inventory, NOT bring up a new one. Having to use arrows or do it manually is tedious

2- More sorting options. It's great that I can select between weapons and armor but why stop there. Why not have a "resource tab" that includes skillbooks, scrolls, and arrows; furthermore, why not have a "quest" tab for quest related items, notes, books.

Backpacks need to be more user friendly

3- There needs to be a more efficient way of sorting items into bp. I think that by having more specific tabs we can fix this problem.

4- A pause button would be great, especially if you have pet pal and can't target a creature or if you want to plant out your tactics before battle

5- Some journal entries need more clarification, especially when the quest has been more or less "done" and you just need to find where the thankful npcs are (e.g. the arhu robot quest)

6 -make enemy idle animations more static, it's terribly annoying clicking on the ground next to him just b/c he sways his body back and forth

7-a faster running speed would be nice. getting around town can be a chore as it is especially if you've already played it at least once

8-it would be cool if when a party member detects a trap the whole party stops moving. it makes sense for them to do so and would make you appreciate the skill much more, rather than reloading b/c your party got nuked

9-some quest logs need more clarification. especially when the hard work has been done and you need to find 1 npc (i'm looking at you arhu robot quest)

These suggestions aren't intended to hold the player's hand or dumb down the game. Keep rocking Larian.
Posted By: gastovski Re: little tweaks you'd like to see - 14/07/14 07:52 AM
I've said same things for first and second option but after months they did nothing about that.
Posted By: TonyD Re: little tweaks you'd like to see - 14/07/14 09:53 AM
One or two of the tiny switches need to be a little larger or a slightly different colour from the surrounding wall. There was one where I was supposed to find a switch behind a painting but the painting was not there and I had to look it up on a guide (which I hate) - if it was just a little more obvious I might have seen it - or perhaps have the perception check announce a 'find'.
Posted By: Fellgnome Re: little tweaks you'd like to see - 14/07/14 10:28 AM
Alt/shift/ctrl for showing different skill bars

More skills available for each bars or ideally more customization.

Better keybind options in general

Ability to have a character target their self with offensive spells (plenty of reasons to do so)

Party wide actions: Putting all characters into stealth mode for example.

A clear buffs/debuffs list along with environmental info(standing in blood, water, etc.)

Better skill book availability at vendors

Posted By: lmyyyks Re: little tweaks you'd like to see - 14/07/14 10:36 AM
4 and 6 can be easily done with enabling clicking on the highlighted circle of enemies instead. This wau you won't misclick due to enemies' idle movements while not wasting Larian's effort in making those animations.

Sorting in 1 tab should also apply to all other tabs. I find it annoying to do it every time I switch a tab.

Bigger and perhaps another indicator for secrets (from treasure maps) displayed on the big map.
Posted By: Mikus Re: little tweaks you'd like to see - 14/07/14 02:39 PM
I've been asking for most of the UI/inventory improvements in the OP for months, and am a little disappointed none of them have yet been implemented (see To be fair, Larian did implement several of the other requests I and others had originally asked for in the "Beta UI Wishlist" and other beta forum threads, but some of these that still remain should be both very simple and very useful - not to mention how often they've been requested on the forums.
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