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Posted By: Skunkpuppy AI personalities - 16/07/14 10:57 AM
Where can I find a description of the different personalities?

There's also an odd "Free" personality and a "Spirit" personality. Wondering if it should be a single "Free Spirit."
Posted By: DragonCommander Re: AI personalities - 16/07/14 11:05 AM
I'd like to know too
Posted By: Morrandir Re: AI personalities - 16/07/14 11:06 AM
Same here!
Posted By: DragonCommander Re: AI personalities - 16/07/14 11:59 AM
anyway if I had to guess, based on the Traits:

Loyal: Obedient
Knight: Bold
Rascal: Renegade
Maniac: Vindictive
Judge: Righteous
Priest: Compassionate
Free: Independent
Spirit: Spiritual
Posted By: Jack Dandy Re: AI personalities - 16/07/14 02:11 PM
I'd like to know that as well.
Posted By: Tyhan Re: AI personalities - 16/07/14 03:23 PM
Originally Posted by DragonCommander
anyway if I had to guess, based on the Traits:

It'd be far more complicated than that. Each personality will be aiming for a specific set of traits. They won't just pick one trait to always go for and be random on the others. I mean if they did they'd be no better than random.

If only we knew what set of traits each one went for...
Posted By: PapaCyclops Re: AI personalities - 16/07/14 05:44 PM
I don't how Larian QA didn't catch the 'free' and 'spirit' issue since it's obviously a bug. I just hope picking one of these will not lead to some undesired effect smile

Posted By: Jackal2200 Re: AI personalities - 16/07/14 05:52 PM
Agreed - I had the AI off so I could optimise my characters traits (even if I'm playing scissors paper rock with myself sometimes), and would like to know which traits each personality favors

Though from my attempt so far at rascal the personality isn't always consistent.

Example: Rascal
Reflection after killing drunk legionaries -> He decided they deserved it +1 Heartless
Kill orc by the beach with CTRL-click after digging out brother's corpse -> He decided he didn't deserve it +1 Compassionate

But maybe I screwed it up with the CTRL-click heh
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