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Posted By: DougQuaidOnMars Dedicated Server - 19/07/14 05:14 PM
Has there been any mention of a dedicated server in the development? I haven't played the game yet so I don't know if there are game mechanics which wouldn't support the idea of a persistent world. I just usually don't like investing in a game unless it has co-op and a dedicated server so my friends and I aren't dependent on someone specific always having to be playing in order for us to be playing. Thanks in advance.
Posted By: thetang22 Re: Dedicated Server - 19/07/14 05:33 PM
The game really isn't the type of game that needs a dedicated server.

- Your co-op in this game is limited to you and 1 other player.

- Game length: While this game has plenty of length to it for a single-player game, it would be considered short by most multi-player adventure RPGs that require persistent worlds.

- Also, the content/monsters in this game don't respawn, so if one of you were playing and the other wasn't, the other would simply miss out on content of the game.

- If you were playing it while your friend wasn't, you'd likely be significantly ahead of that player on your next play session.
Posted By: DougQuaidOnMars Re: Dedicated Server - 19/07/14 07:48 PM
Gotcha. Thanks thetang22!
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