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Posted By: dopefisher General Raze Doll - 05/08/14 11:21 AM
One of the forum mods has a doll named after him! Does anyone know what to do with the doll?
Posted By: eidolon Re: General Raze Doll - 05/08/14 11:23 AM
I think it is useless.
Posted By: Gotcha! Re: General Raze Doll - 05/08/14 12:21 PM
I bet only Raze knows. :O

No, seriously, it's most likely useless. An inside joke thing.
Posted By: dlux Re: General Raze Doll - 05/08/14 12:40 PM
Put the doll on a bed, then have a character of your choice lie down on the bed to... then watch the magic happen. kiss

Posted By: Hassat Hunter Re: General Raze Doll - 12/08/14 12:09 AM
Give it to your DKS character and then have that character give it to Raze for a special cutscene...

(If only...)
Posted By: fel1ow Re: General Raze Doll - 14/07/22 09:45 PM
1) What is "DKS character"? Google didn't help.
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