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Posted By: prodigydancer Suggestion: bartering change - 19/08/14 10:40 PM
Currently bartering/attitude affect both sell and buy price. If I don't want to spend gold right away I'm better off stashing items and selling them later when I have more points in bartering and higher reputation. This is annoying and doesn't add anything to gameplay.

If Divinity Wiki is right, the price ratio at 0 bartering/0 attitude is 0.4:2.5 (you sell items for 40% of base price and buy for 250%), i.e. 1:6.25. Well, why not simply make it 1:625?

Game economy won't be affected at all because the ratio will stay the same. And at 5 bartering/100 reputation it'll be 1:1 just as it is now. However, trading in early game will be more comfortable because players won't be punished for selling items instead of stashing them and selling later.
Posted By: dirigible Re: Suggestion: bartering change - 19/08/14 11:29 PM
All the gold drops in the game would be need to be hugely increased, to compensate.
If I find 1000 gold, in Cyseal, then I can buy pretty much any low level skill tome.
With your changes, I would need to find 2500 gold to be able to afford the same amount of stuff.
Posted By: prodigydancer Re: Suggestion: bartering change - 19/08/14 11:47 PM
I can't recall ever finding 1k gold in Cyseal. More like 100. smile Your point still stands but gold drops AFAIK are just entries in random loot tables (something like gold_medium). So it's easy to adjust them.
Posted By: dirigible Re: Suggestion: bartering change - 20/08/14 02:45 AM
The other issue is that it heavily discourages buying things, early in the game.
If I had to choose between 'not wanting to sell' and 'not wanting to buy' I'd choose the former.

You're pressured into selling anyway, simply because you cannot carry everything you pick up.
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