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Posted By: Vince Bly Magic Unlock Scroll - Clarification - 22/08/14 07:24 PM
As I understand it, in early versions of OS, the Magic Unlock scroll was from Witchcraft so you could craft one. Now, (at least versions v1.0.47.0 and v1.0107.0) magic Unlock is an Expert Marksman scroll so you can not craft it. Is this correct?

It's a pity since once you defeat Braccus and his minions there is this magically locked "Chest of the Souce (sic) King" that I understand has great equipment, which becomes much less great by the time you can get the proper key. I used the one Magic Unlock scroll that I've seen so far (from Arhu's place) to unlock the door to Evelyn's house as I didn't have enough lockpick skill at the time.

With the present version of OS, is there any way to open the chest while it's contents are still relevant?
Posted By: dirigible Re: Magic Unlock Scroll - Clarification - 22/08/14 07:50 PM
To the best of my knowledge, it has always been marksman. You could not ever craft it into a skill tome, either.
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