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Hey everyone,

I've convinced my sweetie to play "Divinity : Original Sin" with me! (online PC/Mac cross platform)

Text chat is okay, but voice chat would be much better when we're not in the same room. What do you folks use for multiplayer online voice chatting?

- hardware: we both have fairly nice headphones, but no mics. I'm thinking of going the standalone-mic route, at least for myself, unless there are compelling reasons to get headsets instead.

- software: here I'm pretty clueless what's available (does Steam have voice chatting support, or do I need something separate?)
Posted By: Elwyn Re: Looking for Voice Chat recommendations - 22/09/14 08:39 PM
Skype - works without any problems for us and does not have any impact on the game performance (we are also playing PC/Mac combo)
Posted By: Baardvark Re: Looking for Voice Chat recommendations - 23/09/14 02:28 AM
Steam does have voice chat support, though I've never used it. Should work ingame. Not sure of its quality, however. Popular voice chat software include ventrilo (what I use), teamspeak, and mumble. I think you can set up free servers for them all, though only know that's possible for ventrilo for sure. Skype is alright too, though I don't know if you can do use a button to activate voicechat. Personally I don't like "always on" voice chat, because sometimes you have talk to someone in real life, burp, or what have you haha.

Don't know much about hardware. There are plenty of standalone mics. Just find a well-rated one on Newegg.
I use Curse. It's still in Beta, but works like a charm. Occasional disconnections, however(once an hour or so).

Best part is, no need to create accounts. Start it, select Create a Session, and you get a link. Send the link to your friend, and your friend can paste that link in Curse and join your game.
Thank you all for the input. I'd like to avoid Skype (mostly on principle because I hate adware, but I've also found it to be a huge resource hog -- ironically I use it only for text-chatting with colleagues at work). Fwiw I'm currently leaning towards Mumble after reading some more reviews, but I'll check out Ventrilo and Curse too.
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