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Posted By: wibble Finally. - 29/10/14 10:00 AM
I trust that is our business together concluded.

You may shred this account in what ever manner you wish, I have no intentions of using it again.

..and yes, Raze, I was fully aware of your notification, it was the ONLY reason I hadn't 'contributed' sooner.
Posted By: Cattletech Re: Finally. - 29/10/14 12:36 PM
We meet at the pier, 11 o'clock. No cops or any other funny business. Don't test us - we have ways of knowing.
Posted By: Jacob Marner Re: Finally. - 29/10/14 12:41 PM
Posted By: Elwyn Re: Finally. - 29/10/14 01:16 PM
Originally Posted by Jacob Marner

Posted By: Phalzyr Re: Finally. - 29/10/14 02:08 PM
Click on his name, choose view posts by him. What little looking back I done show he is very upset with the state of backer box contents...
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