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Before I begin, I want to show my gratitude and satisfaction with this game. Thank you devs and thank you community for constantly helping me out with this game.

With Wasteland 2 and Divinity Original Sin, I jumped to the CRPG genre which I actually neglected growing up because I was too distracted with RTS back in the day. While it took me some time to learn the absolute basics (by some time I mean at least 6-8 hours), after the initial hurdle I am really beginning to enjoy this game. However I feel that I could have easily enjoyed it a lot more had the game taught me some of the stuff at the beginning of the game.

I know a big part of the reward is learning the various systems by yourself, but all I'm asking for is just enough to get started. The lack of proper tutotorial is forcing me to check the internet for every hurdle that gets in my way. One system I failed to grasp even right now is the crafting system. It is not possible to fully understand what to you need to craft what you want, forcing me to use a pdf a fellow gamer handed to me few days ago. I wish they kept this crafting system, while having an alternative system to just craft an item based on the recipe you have. Basically the recipe would scan my inventory and present me which items I would want to melt to produce my desired mitem.

I know a lot of people is probably angry with this and I don't blame you. Maybe my lack of experience is to blame? Maybe because I don't have as much time as I used to, which would have allowed me to spend more time to discover the ins and outs of the system all by myself? One thing's for sure though, I know it is a fantastic game which a lot of people will be put-off early on because of the giant boulder they will face.

Thank you
Originally Posted by Rock1m1
Basically the recipe would scan my inventory and present me which items I would want to melt to produce my desired mitem.

You could have a kind of "alchemist's cookbook" in which your recipies are collected and then below the available and missing ingredients are listed in green/red & you just have to click on them to add them to an "anvil". However, it could also be that some people enjoy searching things together and manually "crafting" something.
While i personally do not wish to have everything documented, i can sympathise with you smile

You said "introduced", so that pretty much explains it. So welcome aboard for starters, and if your newfound joy makes you look into (the much) older titles, a bit of an advice:

The more proper and older an RPG, the more real pen and paper sitting right next to you is recommended. Was (is still for me) part of the joy!

If you want to get started, i could happily name some titles (from each category within the genre) that you could have a go at
Awesome, I will come around for more titles in this vein once I am done with this, thinking of Pillars of Eternity. I also will need to start a new playthrough somewhere in the future for a better build. Although I didn't screw it up a lot, I felt I could have done a much better job moving around some elemental roles.
Baldurs Gate 1, 2 and both the expansion packs for part 1 and 2. This D&D basic lite CRPG, its a bit dated now but still one of my favorite 10 games of all time for less story and more dungeoncrawl just get Icewind Dale and its expansion pack Heart of Winter. Icewind Dale II is very problematic in a lot of ways, a good game but it needs careful handling to get the most out of it.

Fallout 1, 2 and Fallout Tactics far better than Wasteland 2. Another of my favorites.

Temple of Elemental Evil, another D&D CRPG but this is true turn based, an excellant game which has hidden layers of depth and a great combat system, very different from BG's and IWD's since it uses a later version of the D&D rules but the combat is excellant ( not quite as good as D:OS but few things are). It needs to be fully patched to get the most out of it which is actually quite a bit.

Crafting....yes we all want crating to be refined a bit, my first playthrough I crafted exactly nothing except a certain spellbook and one certain potion, but on following playthroughs I crafted and do craft continously, the best weapons are crafted the best armor is improved by crafting.

The recipe book in the journal is just clumsy and too unwieldy and large. I got serious and got the crafting guide as well, but most of the things in there I just dont bother with Weapons and Armor are the most important and eneded up being the only things I craft at all but I make a new greatsword for my Knight every level, thats theonly way to get the best damage for a weapon, damage is the most important effect, status's and stat boosts are good but damage kills the enemy.

I do think the widespread opinion ( read as nearly universal opinion) that crafting is in need of a revamping may be one of the things the new content patch will be addressing hopefully, I could be wrong either way I would be fine with it. Once you figure out the things you really want to make it becomes basic, be aware most weapons when forged/crafted can have a low end result and a high end result so making multiples sometimes will produce different items, also level and crafting blacksmith skill affects what you produce.

Make sure your crafter is also the blacksmith, so get to crafting and blacksmith 5 as fast as possible and be looking for that belt that is Crafting +1 and Blacksmith +1, that and scientist and you only have to get to 3 skill level to max out.

Welcome and have fun!
With all due respect to Felix, if you would not mind i'd like to post my own recommendations smile

Your being new to the genre (and as such likely accustomed to a different graphical fidelity standard) limits my list by a very lot sadly, but perhaps after having played these you will come to see how image is not King after all. Should you get there, or if you you think you are already, i'd be happy to pinpoint a whole load more. Most of the treasures of this genre are from a now..more or less bygone era. So for starters then:

Planescape Torment (story done right)

Jagged Alliance 2 (thinking/combat done right)
- note here being that if googleing Fallout I and II doesn't make you cringe, you really should give both a try first. Not Tactics, not the even later Bethesda abomination -

Wizardry 8 (first person done right) ((and hopefully your first blobber))

This falls outside "the starters" list, wouldn't wish to scare you away! But i can't help not listing if you think you could give it a try nonetheless?

Ultima 7 (interactivity done right)
(D:OS is basically a love letter to it. If you loved Divinity, you'll love this one too!)
(( see here for instructions on how to set it up, follow said instructions, do NOT run a GOG version. If you DO have one, read my last post on said thread for further clarification))

Have fun smile

Incredible Game !

Congrats Larian Studio ! 0_0
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