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Posted By: Tsort Bugs report - 24/04/15 11:03 AM
Note : these are all bugs I've experienced more than once, in different runs. Which means some are older and could have been fixed in the mean-time, but if not, they should be easy to reiterate.

1. Once you've tasted a meal, the item describes the effects (for example, drink a bottle of water, now all bottle will read a green "heal +7". Each time you teleport to the End of Time, all these descriptions vanish from all items. You need to reload your game to get them back, though reloading doesn't always work.
2. "Parchments" are unreadable, although they have "use to read" in the description. They could be mistakingly taken as buggy quest hints.
3. Out of four different shells picked up on the beach, two cannot be "used" although their description says so.
4. Shovels have blank nameplates. Also, you cannot equip them although they read "equip" and a damage score. Trying to equip them will only result in using them to shovel.
5. Freezing arrowhead have the same picture as the arrow itself. This isn't usually the case.
6. From a bunch of identical items that sometimes do not stack, steamcloud arrows rarely stack. There could be two different items listed as "steamcloud arrow", which might explain why two different stacks won't stack together most of the time?
7. Folded shirts do not have a picture.
8. +30% fire potions are called "medium" while +30% poison or earth potions share the same name as the +15% versions. Some balacing would help. Different-sized pictures would be even better.

9. "The Mirror Inside" didn't trigger during my first playthough, although I did solve the puzzle and access the treasure room. It did trigger during my following run. Maybe there was a patch to fix that in-between?

10. When crafting wood chips + branch from a log, only wood chip appear in the preview, which is misleading.
11. Sinew + branch or sinew + crossbow without a bowstring doesn't do anything, is this working as intended?
12. Chicken Foot + Pixie Dust = Chicken Foot. Huh? I think the name should be "Magic Chicken Foot"... maybe the picture could be different like other magic items too (orange glow).
13. Dagger + Branch = Spear, but the dagger isn't consumed. Is that WAI?
14. When combining opposite potions (fire + water for example), you get an empty potion flask, but you aren't prompted a confirmation message. That's mean!
15. Overall, it would be really useful to add a tag to items that have already been enhanced by a whetstone, fire for leather, etc. to keep track of the modifications that have already been applied.

16. Casting a zone spell like Rain will outline invisible NPCs (for example during the Dietmar fight) + camera tracks them when they move. That's unfair.

17. In Billeh Gahr's room, the painting seems to be on the other side of the wall, thus impossible to grab.

18. When you ask Ruby in Silverglen about the troll, she asks for 2050 gold. That's a typo for 150 (as seen in the dialog option and actual sum needed).
19. While discussing Arroka's case in Hiberheim : "Oh, don't let's release him" (Charm option)
20. While discussing ice elementals with Madora, Scarlett has wrong lines (she repeats lines from a previous dialog instead of addressing the case).

Finally, this isn't really a bug, but...
21. I got to Silverglen, and there was that nifty forge place called "smithy", with an anvil, a chest, a portal nearby and all. So I figure, this is the perfect place for my new headquarters : I put useful stuff there (mobile kitchen, element barrels, tools, etc.) and use the chest to store items. So far so good...
Later I did the escort quest and thought "huh huh, ok, I know where this is going...". Like I thought, the smith settles in my headquarters and I thought "no big deal, there's room for more, and I'll have a trader nearby". Problem is, the chest is now considered *his*. With *my* stuff in it. So I try to grab everything back and he says "hey, that's my stuff, but you can still buy it", and all my stuff is now available in his store. But again,... it was MY stuff. So on one hand I'm glad I didn't completely lose it all, but on the other hand... he stole my stuff! Not only that, but now every single tool that was available is now colored in "don't touch that" red. Which means my barrels, kitchen, anvil, furnace etc. Can't use them anymore. The guy is a real cuckoo.
So maybe the devs could be kind enough to *lock the door* before the escort quest is over, so other players don't easily get screwed out of their hard work like I did.
Posted By: ivra Re: Bugs report - 24/04/15 11:27 AM
I liked this bug report! There was no yelling or complaining, just description of facts. And you even made me smile while reading it hehe Well done!

Most of these bugs are known and have been there for a while, but some were new to me. I think Larian is working on a big balancing patch at the moment. Hopefully some of the bugs you mentioned will be corrected in that patch.
Posted By: Joram Re: Bugs report - 24/04/15 02:10 PM
11. sinew + crossbow without a bowstring : this doesn't work because you need a BOWSTRING (= combine first sinew with sinew to become one)
Posted By: ForkTong Re: Bugs report - 29/04/15 10:35 AM
Some are fixed in next version, some were now fixed, rest is reported. Thanks!
Posted By: yomamasocuddly Re: Bugs report - 01/05/15 11:18 PM
I am playing through again after so many patches and to me it seems 50% or more of the bugs I remember in my first play through are still there. The freezing arrowhead one for example. Most of them seem minor annoyances tho and can be worked around without much fuss. I figure that's why they haven't been fixed yet.

One that really bothers me is when trading with a companion that is not in your party in the End of Time, it will destroy items in their inventory, so the only reliable way to trade/give items to them is to kick someone and rehire, and doing that just to give or trade a few items is kind of annoying.

The stat bug when loading in co-op I don't really remember, but I thought I read it had been around for a while and is a pretty major bug.


Btw I have over 500 hours in this game and would play it again with 100% of the bugs... it is still very fun in my book smile (to avoid any confusion as to my thoughts toward this game and it's bugs)
Posted By: rpg-noob Re: Bugs report - 03/05/15 12:46 PM
I got stuck in Tom the wannabe adventurer's quest. I got the letter for Charlene, but could not find Charlene seems to be missing from mayor Cecil's office. I am pretty sure I did not kill her ( I never attacked Victoria for the other quest). I can still converse with Cecil, but no Charlene is not there in ground or the first floor.
Posted By: Raze Re: Bugs report - 03/05/15 07:49 PM

She should be either on the ground floor or upstairs. I don't think she would be in the bath room, but you could check there.
Posted By: skonvolt Re: Bugs report - 07/05/15 01:15 AM
sorry for this post there is no other way,

thelyron decided to sleep for a low salary or some other reason:

quests are locked no way to talk to him with or without Jake

so game to restart

please tell me if there is any solution or i'll have to do all game again, i already loaded an old save of the same run but when i arrive there he is always like this
Posted By: Raze Re: Bugs report - 07/05/15 04:34 AM

You can not speak to him at all?
You could keep going without speaking to him or Jake there.

Please email, with a brief description of the problem and the file generated by the D:OS Analysis Tool (for the PC version). The report will contain system and game information, as well as your saved games. To reduce the file size, you can delete most of the saves from the zip; leave a save before using the Enlightened Amulet to get past the barrier (or your your latest save if you don't have a recent save then), and maybe one just before Thelyron left the clinic.

For Mac, to get system specs you can use the 'System Report' button from the 'About This Mac' Apple menu item or the 'System Information' app (in the utilities folder).
Saves can be zipped by right clicking the folder(s) and selecting Compress, in the folder:
~/Documents/Larian Studios/Divinity Original Sin/PlayerProfiles/<ProfileName>/Savegames
Posted By: skonvolt Re: Bugs report - 07/05/15 09:37 PM
I already killed the boss but when i report to the "CAT MAGE", i can't complete 2 quests and the sailors quest i will use the tool provided and send you the file.

Best regards

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