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This time there is no blood or corpses to warn you. The fight is triggered even if you don't have Wolgraff in your party.

The boss (2452 health; large healing potions are great to determine the health of enemies) summons 5 human shadows, casts cursed aoe, tries to silence and charm one of your characters. All of that before you can act.

In contrast to the Bairdotr fight this time every enemy has spells or special arrows.

BTW if you are muted you can't use skills. I don't know why being mute prevents me from using Flurry or Battering Ram but whatever.

Still beat him. Not because of my obviously awesome skills or the balance but because the archer send two of his shots in the first round into the ground and most importantly because the boss walked up and down doing nothing for at least three rounds in a row.
It is indeed a fight that can surprise you, and that might be harder that's Baidotr's.

It's not the only surprise in the Dark Forest, so stay on your guards.
Ice strike on a distance will do the trick.

He isn't immune to freezing.

Dark Flemish
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