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Posted By: vinaysshenoy Bugs & Suggestions by vinaysshenoy - 25/06/13 06:11 PM
I haven't played a lot and only just finished a game, so I'm going to post some bugs and give a few opinions.

1. The "Create Lobby" button gets stuck sometimes and needs repeated clicking to open the Create Lobby screen. Once, clicking this caused the game to crash, but I haven't noticed this since the update yesterday.

2. The text for "Command Hold Position(selected units)" is truncated in Options->Controls->Combat Phase

3. When I select a group with Shamans and Right-Click on enemies, the combat troops move to attack but the Shamans remain stationary. They should move along with the group so that they can heal the troops as they fight.

4. The Devastator's aiming seems to go off sometimes. I was attacking a ship, which was stuck at a curve of land. The Devastator's missiles landed a good distance away from the ships.

5. Pressing ESC in game doesn't do anything if you haven't selected anything. It should open up the Menu.


1. We need a way to see the description of Dragon Skills in Dragon mode in-game. I read the manual, but I can't remember everything...

2. The Unit descriptions should be a bit more descriptive so we can see what their strengths and weaknesses are.

3. The game is really fast, maybe too fast, in MP Skirmish mode. The Default AI brought down a horde on me within five minutes of starting the game and I was floundering about trying to defend.

Dragon Commander is shaping up to be awesome, guys! Flying around as a dragon felt awesome and its controls felt good and responsive. It seemed to go down a bit too easily, but that's probably intentional.

That's it for now. I'll post more when I get more time playing around with different units and mechanics.

Posted By: vinaysshenoy Re: Bugs & Suggestions by vinaysshenoy - 26/06/13 04:52 PM
Suffered a crash when connecting to a lobby.

Inanna, Watser, Regnox and I were trying to connect to a lobby. The game took a performance hit, buttons were taken a few seconds to get highlighted on mouse over. Trying to connect to the game said NAT-Punch Through Failed and then the game was back to normal. Trying to connect again froze the game and eventually crashed.

EDIT: Also got a crash when I quit a game as it was still going on. I was playing against AI.
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