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Posted By: Stalkingwolf behaviour of the key "ESC" - 25/01/14 09:28 AM
Hello together.

I bought the game yesterday from EA Steam and played a couple of hours. First of all i want to thank you for that great piece of art.

But there a some minor issues and especially the behaviour of the key "ESC" drives me nuts. It is the same like the Legends of Grimrock release and several user complained about it and Almost human fixed it very quickly.

When a window is open, i.e the character menu, "ESC" should close that window first and only open the system menu when no other window is opened.

Posted By: Raze Re: behaviour of the key "ESC" - 25/01/14 09:38 AM

That's on the list of things to be implemented.
Posted By: Stalkingwolf Re: behaviour of the key "ESC" - 25/01/14 10:06 AM
Great and thanks for the quick answer.
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