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Posted By: Beyond More randomness? - 02/07/14 12:56 PM
I'm not even sure whether Larian still takes suggestions or not, but here it is anyway:

My wife and I started playing a multiplayer game together, which is loads of fun. But I want to also play alone, just cause I want more Divinity time.

The problem is - if I start a new game now, it will be exactly the same. Yes, different characters and possibly different decisions, but everything else will be the same - I'll know how many and which enemies are in every area, which quests to do and how to do them, etc.

I thought it could be really cool if some of those things would be random. For example, instead of always having 3 level 3 undeads, there can maybe be one level 5, or 4 level 2, etc. Basically it sounds to me like there's a challenge rating to each encounter, and you can randomly draw enemies to match that rating. I think this could work well for combats.

I'm not so sure about quests, and obviously adding content there is more more complicated, but maybe a pool of side-quests, out of which only some are picked each game. Maybe some quests can have alternative parameters (find X instead of Y, etc.).
Posted By: Raze Re: More randomness? - 03/07/14 01:08 AM

Larian does still take suggestions, but the current encounters were all hand designed, so I wouldn't expect them to be randomized. They could be changed in a higher difficulty mode, or something.

I'd expect there to eventually be mods to add respawning, change the configuration or difficulty of combat situations, etc.
Posted By: ForkTong Re: More randomness? - 03/07/14 09:40 AM
How many and which enemies are where: true, but they will react differently if you approach the fight differently or with different characters. I have never seen the same fight play out exactly the same.

Which quests to do and how to do them: most, if not all, quests have more than one solution. If you want to replay it, go for the completely opposite solution.
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