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Posted By: SniperHF Mod Release: Dunamis - A Campaign for D:OS - 20/10/15 11:23 PM
This is the first version of my mod Dunamis:

You can grab it here on the workshop:

Or here at NexusMods:

Dunamis is a standalone adventure mod for Divinity: Original Sin where the player finds himself in a land known as The Valley.
With no knowledge of who you are, you will attempt to seek refuge at a nearby house only to find death and carnage.
After escaping, you soon begin to uncover the secret plan behind all the troubles in The Valley.

In order to help make sense of everything the help of a nearby town must be enlisted. Unfortunately they too are ravaged by the same mysterious creatures you encountered earlier.
On top of all this the town is currently dealing with a political battle that will shape it's future. Unite the people of The Valley, fight back against the murderous creatures, and discover the hidden truth surrounding Dunamis.


Dunamis Features:

12 Quests with 21 total solutions and 28 total results.

Varied endings based on quest choices.

Dense map design.

19 specifically crafted combats featuring custom stats and scripting; all designed for challenge and not filler.

Dialog based skill checks used for alternate solutions.

Final dungeon with puzzles and choices that impact the ending.
A Day/Nice Cycle and accompanying NPC behaviors.

The first D:OS campaign I'm aware of to feature most Original Sin systems.

A game economy where you aren't drowning in loot.

A 1 player campaign with up to 2 Companions (4 available).

Have fun, and if you have any issues contact me on the Forum or message me on Steam.

There are some debug options I have built in that you can use to fix things if something goes wrong.

Known issues:
1. Don't use lone wolf or pet pal.
2. Killing everybody is not supported (yet!).
3. Enable full rotation, and disable dual dialogs in the options menu.
4. Use the Rift Travel menu for fast travel.
5. Check the Rug.
6. Save before selling or buying anything!
7. With Divinity mods, it's usually a good idea to create a new profile for the mod and keep it separate from the main game.
Congrats for getting it to a releasable state. Sounds good from the description, and screenshots on the workshop look great too. Hope the EE doesn't break it all so you get some more interest once people are playing again.
Oh I'm sure it will break lol. I'm kinda looking forward to remaking the map anyway.

Tomorrow I'll make a video of a full quest with a few of the branches and show the differences.
Great work, congrats!
Grats on the release! I subscribed, so I'll check it out when I have time!
Posted By: MAHak Re: Mod Release: Dunamis - A Campaign for D:OS - 02/11/15 09:53 PM
Nice work, played it for an hour last night and no bugs so far.
Although the first encounter is a bit tough.
Yeah it is, I'll probably end up toning it down. Best advice for it is to use the extra potions.

Thanks for playing.

The biggest bug is an issue with vendors not transferring items but still taking yours. Make sure to save before shopping.
I feel really bad for deleting my version of DOS now. Methinks I will need to re-download it.

Can anyone tell me what is the approx playtime for this module?
I think it's around 15 hours. Maybe as much as 20.

Hard for me to say since when I playtest I know exactly what to do.
Just as sort of an FYI, I'm working on an update with some small content additions and getting a few systems in, including some of the default voice acting and fully working systemic shovels. Hopefully it's really to go next week.

Also I managed to fix the waypoint unlocked message pop ups.
New version uploaded.


New Content:
Added Troll invasion Scenario to Squatters Camp.
Added full shovel support, now you can dig for treasure.

Added auto save points.
Corrected book seller placement.
Added New Waypoint Notifications.
Balanced some Skill Checks.
Fixed dig mound being clickable without passing perception check.
Re-enabled some dialogs.
Removed some Testing bloat.
Balance changes to the first encounter and final boss fight.
Total ratings 25
Positive ratings 24 (96% of total)
Negative ratings 1 (4% of total)

Star rating? 3/5.....

10/10 job Steam, never could have done it without you hahaha
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