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Hi all,

I've read a couple of posts on here that are in the same vein of what I'm trying to do, but I'm not having any luck. So am making my own post, but apologies if this has already been posted. Does anyone know how to, or if it is possible to activate the 6-person party into a current save?

I've copied the meta.lsf file into the old save from a modded save and it's teleported me to Cysel, which the poster said would happen, but still can't exceed the original party limit. I've recruited 5 on the modded save just to make sure it wasn't the mod that was the issue. Any ideas would be helpful!

the mod contains 'story code' and therefore requires starting a new game unfortunately. Story code is only read once from the game files and then stored in the save file (and save file editing may be risky, I'm not familiar with that; it would require changing the database entry for the party limit, changing a dialog character flag if the limit has been reached in the current game, and maybe more).
Would be down to try to save editing and figured that is what it would take. Just can't figure out where those lines would be in the save file. Worst case scenario it doesn't work, I have a backup save and/or would have to start over anyway. Is there anywhere that explains where I should look for that information?
I don't know if anyone ever gave information on save file editing and on this case in particular; if the search function in this forum section (DOS - Mods) doesn't reveal anything (save file editor for DOS 1, cheat engine, whatever), the only way is to search through the save file for hints, though it's not unlikely that the data in question is not readable text but a number or something.
The database name in human-readable story code is "DB_CompMax".

I don't remember the global flag's name (not a dialog character flag as I wrote above) and I don't have the game installed at the moment, but it shouldn't be strictly necessary to change the flag if it exists (in case the party was full in your current save, dismissing a companion should remove the flag).

Though, I would just restart, if you're not far into the game, or finish the playthrough with 4 characters and use the mod for a second playthrough (maybe in addition to other, compatible, mods or as part of another mod to make it more interesting). Otherwise you could ask on the official Larian Discord for help, where the modding community has moved to years ago (some of them may be/are familiar with DOS 1 EE).
Weird to see this forum still active in 2021 ;-)

It's even a bit more complex I think.

The compiled Osiris-Code is not directly in the save files.

What I think happens is that the game takes the compiled Osiris-Code and creates yet some other code from it, i.e. the code gets compiled to its final form on the very first start of a playthrough and this final form is then stored in the savegame.
(That is what I think happens, I don't remember that Larian ever confirmed this, Raze only ever confirmed things we found out ourselves, e.g. how treasure generation works or the infamous out-of-handles crash ;-)

I've looked through a save once and it contained stuff that almost looked binary, in an XML file. I think it's impossible for anyone but Larian to decipher this stuff. (I'm only guessing that Larian can do this because there was a time when they still patched the game. ...)

The number of party members is in a single Osiris database, as Abraxas said.

I've looked at Baardvarks six man party mod and what he did was simply add a second database entry DB_CompMax(4) in an init section with one of his mod files.
The way Osiris works, he did not overwrite the original DB_CompMax(2) but add an entry DB_CompMax(4).
By chance, the name of the file he used comes after the original file lexically and is thus compiled - and executed - afterwards. This is why it works.
The correct way to do it - imo - is to unset DB_CompMax(2) and then set DB_CompMax(4) afterwards because otherwise, every code piece using the database is executed twice, once with value the 2 and then again with the value 4. It's probably done the simple way in Epic Encounters 6 man because that was created by Baardvark too as far as I know, and it's done done with unsetting in XC_Bags and XC_Encounters 6 man. (The latter is a guess, I never looked if Smarmbot picked up the code from XC_Bags or the simple solution when he created the 6 man merger.)

Of course, a change to story code requires compilation which in turn requires the editor ... which was not included in all packages sold on Steam.
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