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The DD EE editor is not working on wine (it always crashes).

Anyway, i've been getting by modding by using the EE pak extractor and editing the xml and script files in the 'Public' directory of the extracted pak. Added new items and new recipes.

However, i want to edit a item (codex of pestilential thought) to work like the attribute gain books, except add talent and attributes as well as the usual effect of +int - per. As a buffed form of the item.

This apparently requires 'story scripts', since the CharacterAddAbilityPoint(_Char, 1); and CharacterAddTalentPoint(_Char, 1); do not work on player scripts and we can't hook into the consumption of the item (am i right here?)? So apparently i HAVE to use these two calls on story scripts (right?).

Anyway, i was wondering if i could mod a script into that item without access to the game editor for story script compilation. There is a directory '/Mods/XC_Encounters_08883d92-3f51-4491-8c29-6567ead01471/Story/RawFiles/Goals' which apparently has the decompiled scripts - but do they get recompiled to the mod when you repack it with the 'PAK/LSV Tools' tab?

The EE pak extractor has a tab about the database but although it says you can 'edit', it only shows columns of datatypes and you can't add or modify anything (although it has a 'save' button), how is that supposed to work? Moreover there are .osi files AND .osb files in the dir but you can only load .osi.

And if it works and i can place a new script or edit one, i suspect i have to add the script to link the item definition in the xml to the story script, however i do not know how the UUID is produced to link that name to to a script.

Note that there is a alternative which already has a script - i'm editing XC_encounters 6 man party mod, so i have respec potions that have a story script - so i could sacrifice the vendor version of that one and the uuid of the script should not change if the script contents have no influence on the UUID.

However, before i do that, i'd like to ask if i can actually compile/change the script and have it reflected on the game.
Turns out that the files in 'RawFiles' do not get recompiled, so i'm at wit's loss about this.

Also if you don't know of a item that gives a talent point (which i think it doesn't exist), please don't bother mentioning about the books for abilities and skills, i already know of them (although they're not in the mod files scripts, they're probably in the main game scripts).

I suppose i can unpack edit the savegame to add unused talent points in the game xml (however that works).

It's just not very nice for ongoing gaming. Any way to change the rewards at level up instead then, to add a talent point and ability point every level instead?
I guess i have a alternative that is a bit more annoying to you people.

I'll upload my mod and ask for adding a always on story script like this

where the levelup is modded to add a talent/ability/attribute point on levels missing them (or if it's easier, just triplicate them when it's 'their time'.

A global variable would control if it triggers, one i can set from player scripts (ie using on the story trigger), so story script checks the variable and player script sets it.

Actually if that variable could be a multiplicative factor to the number of 'extra' points that would be great. So 'zero' is no extra points, 1 is 1 (of all kinds), 2 is 2 etc. Because of that it would be nice if it was 3 variables instead, so that the adjustments can happen independently.

Extra points would only happen during the time you're awarded a point of that kind normally. I don't know how that works but i think it just alternates and you test for level % 2 or level % 3 if i understand correctly...

If someone responds affirmatively i'll upload my version of XC_Encounters with the 6 party mod.
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