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Posted By: Grintch NPC fight - 07/07/14 04:18 PM
Hi, I accidentally started a fight at Thelyron's clinic and had to flee to keep from killing him. The problem is that every time I go back, he still wants to fight. Is there a way to change his mind about that and get back to normal?
Posted By: Grintch Re: NPC fight - 07/07/14 09:15 PM
No one has any answers on how, if possible, to reset the hate and enable me to access the NPC normally again?
Posted By: Viperswhip Re: NPC fight - 07/07/14 09:18 PM
Can you charm him? That's all I can think of. Normally when I do something like that I reload a quick save.
Posted By: Grintch Re: NPC fight - 07/07/14 10:15 PM
I'll try that. After fleeing the battle, I didn't return for awhile and was already advanced that I didn't want to rewind all my progress.
Posted By: Alix Re: NPC fight - 08/07/14 08:03 AM
He is dead later in the game... maybe you only need to wait?

You need only the key from the pouch in the room rigth of Thelyron, after putting Jakes wife in the prison.... maybe you can kill him, without Problems and the game don't break the storyline. But I don't know if he is unkillable.

Or maybe you can kill him and bring him alive back later?

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