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Posted By: SagaDC The Finest China (Making some Quick Gold) - 08/07/14 11:47 AM
Just figured it was worth mentioning for those who didn't notice, but plates are apparently worth 750gp apiece. I could SWEAR this wasn't the case during the beta, but post-release it seems like most (if not all) of the plates that are scattered around the world are now incredibly valuable - more valuable than bars of precious metal or gemstones, anyway.

It's odd, since they're one of those items that was apparently considered so trivial it doesn't even highlight when you hold down the Alt key. After making another sweep through the starting town, I picked up about ten grand worth of plates. Esmerelda alone has something like six in her house (totaling 4,500gp). :P
Yup, noticed this too. They used to be 1GP... and infact the metal plates still do. It's the golden looking ones that are worth much (even if both are called plates). Including the ones at the End of Time, which are *supposed* to be worthless, but worth 9000 (about 4500 really from vendors depending on bartering, rep, attitude) if you pick all up.

Quite the change from beta, eh? smile
Posted By: SagaDC Re: The Finest China (Making some Quick Gold) - 08/07/14 12:05 PM
Ah-hah! Didn't bother checking the plates at the End of Time, since they went out of their way to replace all the goblets and cutlery with worthless "End of Time" variants. Guess I need to make another pass through ye olde homestead. wink

I'm going to guess this is something that will be amended, sooner or later.
Probably. I did add it to my own patchlist... especially the plates at the end of time HAVE to be a bug since the description say they should be worthless...
Well, luckily I told Steam not to update my game automatically. I have some selling to do when I get home this afternoon.
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