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Posted By: Typicaladam HELP! Air/Earth Cleric + Rogue = FAIL - 09/07/14 07:24 AM
I started the game and am having a LOT of trouble on NORMAL (can't make myself try Easy).

I have a cleric with air/earth and a rogue.

Even with Jahan and Madora in my party I can't seem to get past the 10 undead in front of the cave to Evelyn's Lab...

My fight usually starts with a rain spell at a choke point, then lightening when someone steps in it. I use my rogue from stealth etc, etc....

It just seems like I can't do enough damage/combos to really do anything.

The forum says that hybrid characters are weak... but I find it hard to believe the designers would just leave a huge gap in gameplay like that.

I have a cleric aswell but hes Pyro/Hydro with man at arms. I focus mainly on hydro and man at arms. My cleric and jahan are my main healers and buffers. I think your problem is your not using fire against the undead, my cleric has pyro skills like flare, Burning Up and small fireball. Flare actually came from ring i picked up. I also use Wildfire which is a Haste buff. Jahan should be your main Air/Hydro user. I think you should either reroll or focus on Freezing/slow the biggest threat and ganking the others. Hope you got something out of that.
Posted By: Jackal2200 Re: HELP! Air/Earth Cleric + Rogue = FAIL - 16/07/14 05:03 AM
Air (lightning) and Earth (poison) is not a good combination against the poison-infested undead.

Fire however, lots and lots of fire - is. The only good spell on earth good against undead is midnight oil (combined with fire)

The water spells are easily underestimated too but they CC like crazy - things are easily frozen. Doesn't synegise well with fire however. Best to stick to setting everything alight with fire. Hybrids are the best - don't let anyone tell you otherwise you just have to know the spell system.

Air is very unpredictable as lightning can backfire
Posted By: Leo81792 Re: HELP! Air/Earth Cleric + Rogue = FAIL - 17/07/14 12:00 AM
you should have made your rogue a rogue/man-at-arms for the durability and offensive capabilities it gives. Your best bet would be to start over if you find your builds are ruined already.
Posted By: valky Re: HELP! Air/Earth Cleric + Rogue = FAIL - 17/07/14 12:57 AM
Cleric-like character are getting pretty powerful, once they hit a decent STR/INT (+PER/SPD) value...
Re-rolled though, since earthmagic is kinda 'boring' - gave my new cleric witchcraft + 1 point fire (haste!!)
Earth on the other hand has all the ultimate spells right at lvl 1: spider (!), Fortify & oil.... - that is, what Jahan is going to learn in my new campaign ^^

You dont need air, cause of Jahan - witchcraft really is a bit underestimated, since it can hugely buff you or your parties' damage or debuff the boss'. Since am not that far into with my current party, I cant say anything about the summons, but read they are really powerful as well...

(for a cleric, your best bet is to take the one talent that boosts your int right away)

Uhm I played up to lvl 11 with my cleric, and had Earth magic - as you might have guessed already too. The only spell that really is cool later on is the rock-ball-thingie spell, else poison is mostly useless or hinders yourself...your summons are situational effective - poison is not. For the oil crap to be ultimately effective, you'd need some cheap fire magic or some legendary ring.

edit: else; play for a bit and learn at your own mistakes smile and do whatever to your liking...
As said above, dual-role-characters can be very powerful (and will be)
Posted By: Droze Re: HELP! Air/Earth Cleric + Rogue = FAIL - 17/07/14 03:16 AM
To help you I will need to following information.

Party composition and skill usage and what level those skills are.

I will also need to know your level im assuming 5 or 6.

so example would be :

Jahan level 6 / hydrosophist 2 / areotheurge 1.

But I find if you approach from the river and then stay back and summon something closer to them to start the fight. then you cast firefly along the river so they have to move into a tiny space.

Use as many summons in the front of the hole you left. Use teleportation on the archers to get them to you faster and finish them off quick.

When your firefly is up again cast it the same place but try and cover the ground the zombie boars are standing on. Once they are set on fire they will try and run through the fire killing themselves.

Use as many stuns you have in your party on the range creatures you are facing.

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