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Posted By: Arcater Buffalo amulet? - 14/07/14 11:17 PM

I have got the saber, but I need the buffalo amulet. I have seen it somewhere, but forgotten where. Where can I find it?

Thank you!
Posted By: KToast Re: Buffalo amulet? - 14/07/14 11:55 PM
It's a drop from the same battle (or was for me). Also the weapon it makes is pure, utter garbage.
Posted By: Katreyn Re: Buffalo amulet? - 15/07/14 01:04 AM
I got it from the chest behind the two undead guards near the church, where you get the quest to give the spouse his will, etc.
Posted By: Clusterfox Re: Buffalo amulet? - 16/07/14 10:02 AM
I got one in a tiny box in the Graveyard.
Posted By: meme Re: Buffalo amulet? - 16/07/14 11:58 AM
I never found one frown
Posted By: MelONE Re: Buffalo amulet? - 16/07/14 12:17 PM
its a drop from evamaria
Posted By: LeBurns Re: Buffalo amulet? - 16/07/14 12:29 PM
I can't get the two combined. How much crafting do you need to have?
Posted By: Ailurophile Re: Buffalo amulet? - 16/07/14 12:53 PM
Seems completely random. I found one on the Orc mini-boss outside of black cove.
Posted By: Zalexard Re: Buffalo amulet? - 16/07/14 01:12 PM
I found one on the small box near the Baron of Bones battle.
Posted By: camelotcrusade Re: Buffalo amulet? - 16/07/14 03:37 PM
Where'd you find your saber? I found my buffalo amulet in that chest by the two undead guards as well. No saber yet.
Posted By: lordfiSh Re: Buffalo amulet? - 16/07/14 03:53 PM
saber is random, i got it from the Quartermaster and Bj?n in Silverglen
Posted By: meme Re: Buffalo amulet? - 16/07/14 04:25 PM
Can't remember where the sabre came from it was loot from a battle somewhere near silverg. Still no amulet. I think I will finish this game amulet-less.
Posted By: allsweptaway Re: Buffalo amulet? - 16/07/14 08:34 PM
You can find the amulet randomly from vendors as well.
Posted By: Hassat Hunter Re: Buffalo amulet? - 16/07/14 10:14 PM
For me;
Got amulet from Twins-Joined-By-Fire.
Bought old saber from Hiver in Silverglen (he had 2 in his inventory even).

Combining them required 2 crafting.
Posted By: Ichthyic Re: Buffalo amulet? - 19/07/14 01:08 PM
note: since it is crafted, the sabre is created at the same level as the crafter.

so, it is more powerful at higher levels.

also, it has the highest raw damage of anything short of tenebrium (about 20% higher than a normal sword of average quality of the same level). you can find more damaging weapons though, if you get rares/legendaries with good elemental damage on them.

both the buffalo headpiece and the blade are completely random unique drops. I found mine in a friggen haystack near some pigs in Cyseal at level 4.

all that said, as a unique it lacks a bit of "oomph" compared to some of the other uniquest. the damage is decent, but with only 1 point of strength boost as the special, it pales to the specials on most of the other unique weapons. I thought a modder might do well to add something like "gives skill: battering ram" to the completed sword.

don't kill yourself trying to put it together, unless you want to make it some sort of treasure hunt for yourself.

I've seen the blade for sale at both the quartermaster and from the legionnaire captain (Aureus). more commonly from Aureus, but only at level 7 and above.

Posted By: LightningLockey Re: Buffalo amulet? - 19/07/14 09:10 PM
Wow, I found the Old Sabre from the weapon shop above the cook in Cyseal. It appears this is really random to come by.
Posted By: Deste Re: Buffalo amulet? - 19/07/14 09:19 PM
It is often in chests, corpses around the Cyseal Villa and gardens (the warppoint)
Posted By: Siriondel Re: Buffalo amulet? - 19/07/14 09:23 PM
In my playthrough it appeared in Cyseal's scroll merchant's stock. And I was actually stupid enough to buy it. I saw an unique item so I figured it must be good for something. 6k gold thrown down the mud. Old Sabre itself dropped from one of the story bosses.
Posted By: n3m3c1s Re: Buffalo amulet? - 21/07/14 04:30 PM
I found the weapon entirely underwhelming.

Thankfully, I saved before crafting, so I re-loaded and ended up selling the component parts for way more than the sword vendors for.

Since my warrior was using legendary weapons / could craft better, I never had a use for it.
Posted By: Ichthyic Re: Buffalo amulet? - 25/07/14 10:54 PM
actually, at the same level, you can't craft better. I tested it thoroughly.

the combo artifact does more damage raw that a 1h crafted axe, for example.

plus the bonus +1 to strength comes in handy for gear requirements. allowed me to put on a level 20 helmet at level 10.

I'm still using the sabre I made at level 9 at level 12. haven't found anything legendary or otherwise, that can actually outdo the raw damage, let alone the strength buff.

you folks aren't looking carefully enough. It even does more raw damage than the sword of planets.

Posted By: Incendax Re: Buffalo amulet? - 25/07/14 11:31 PM
It's certainly a nice weapon if you find it early.
But you can find it later on, when it is little more than a trinket.
Posted By: n3m3c1s Re: Buffalo amulet? - 26/07/14 02:34 AM
you're right. it does a lot more damage than anything craftable at it's level.

I just reloaded a playthrough at level 21.

Top end damage after using a whetstone was 295, crafted axe was 265ish.

I didn't have any legendaries to compare to, but my crafted axe was slightly better than a unique 1h (lvl 19) I had lying around.

I guess it was underwhelming to me because my tank was using 2h and not going snb.

Does it work with backstabbing? if so would be a great scoundrel choice.
Posted By: Alix Re: Buffalo amulet? - 27/07/14 08:00 PM
Ive the Amulett, but never found a sabre.
Posted By: Ichthyic Re: Buffalo amulet? - 28/07/14 12:14 AM
if you are at least level 7, try reloading the head legionaire guy's stash, or the goods provider above the cook a building to the west. I got it from the legionaire guy after about 5 reloads at level 7.

might want to wait a few levels to put it together so it isn't quickly outstripped by your meteoric rise at early levels. maybe level 10 or 11 at least.

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