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Posted By: Clusterfox Braccus Rex - 16/07/14 10:14 AM
Has anyone got any tips for the Braccus Rex fight?
I haven't had too much trouble up to now, but that "fight" had more resemblance to a boot crushing a bug :P
I just read somewhere you should go north to the burning fields first, so I'll do that, yet I think it'll still be really difficult even if I gain a level or so.
So.. how did you guys beat him? smile
Posted By: Jacob Marner Re: Braccus Rex - 16/07/14 10:24 AM
I just went on to Lucilla Forest and then came back 2-3 levels later. Then it was a cake walk.
Posted By: toxicunderGroov Re: Braccus Rex - 16/07/14 10:44 AM
Playing (normal) dual lone wolf with a Knight and Wizard. Focused on fire resist gear for the knight which was immune at lvl 7. Killing Rex was the last thing i did in Cyseal at lvl 9, the whole fight took 3-4 turns because light-house boss refused to enter the knight's melee range, had to teleport him.
Posted By: lmyyyks Re: Braccus Rex - 16/07/14 01:28 PM
I had 3 guys staying up on the staircase entrance, then use the archer to lure them out. They came separately so I killed them one by one.
Posted By: Silvermcfluff Re: Braccus Rex - 16/07/14 01:37 PM
Played with 4 characters:
*Marksman (pure) - with Fire arrows

*Knight (pure 2H) - with Attack of opportunity + Whirlwind + dmg stance +Battering Ram +Cure Wounds ++Thick Skin (more Tanky)

*Aero+Hydro+WC+Pyro (let's call him Archmage) - with Ice Shard+Oath of Desecration+Wildfire+Teleportation ++Glass cannon

*Jahan - Rain+Blitz Bolt+Teleportation (I think that's the name of the lightning attack)

Rushed in with my Knight and start the chat with Rex, meanwhile scatter my other troops like this:
*Marksman- near the stairs of the Lighthouse boss.
*Archmage- behind the Knight (10m+- so if someone cast burning/poison he will not get in the way).
*Jahan- near the Archmage but closer to the Baron boss.

When I was ready I finish the chat with Rex and start the fight.

Because I had high leadership = +initiative (don't remember the number but it was high enough so all my chars was first)

With my Marksman I fired the fire arrow and ignite the entire place of the lighthouse boos (fire dmg really hurt him), he will start to walk and get more fire dmg.

With my Archmage I boosted my Knight (both haste and dmg).
Jhan use Rain on Rex and Fire lord and TP the baron on them.
Knight use stance + whirlwind (1/3 of HP down for 3 of them)

Rex use some magic and start to run awasy ----> Attack of opportunity deal more dmg.
Fire lord scorch my Archmage (Heal if you want).
Lighthouse start to walk and spray ooze on my Marksman.
Baron use Inspire and attack my knight.

Marksman continue to fire on the lighthouse (you can stun if you want if you got stunning arrow).
Knight use Battering Ram on Rex+Baron+Fire lord and deal more dmg + potion or Cure Wounds if needed.
Archmage use Ice Shard on Fire lord -----> 150-200 dmg easy, ice is the fastest why to kill him. because of Glass cannon you have double AP you can TP again and cause more dmg..or other spell.

Basically that what I did, worked on 2nd try after I knew that he summom.
I hope it helped..even a little smile

I used rain because i want to create a puddle and electrode them...don't remember if they can be stunned.
Posted By: camelotcrusade Re: Braccus Rex - 16/07/14 04:08 PM
For the most I've found you just need the right debuff and you can immobilize even the boss mobs. Add in the right summon and you can keep the bosses locked down or busy. I haven't done this right in a while, but I think you can freeze (rain + cold wind) and stun (blitz bolt) the Ghoul. A fire elemental can't be hurt by the Twins and vice versa, but they will waste their time engaging each other if nothing else is convenient to attack. This sound funny but I think I froze the Twins as well at one point. Also as mentioned above ice bolt will mess him up (lots of damage).

For Braccus Rex I came packing multiple teleport spells (a scroll helps, too). Pelt him with arrows and magic, and when he get close, send him far away. Rinse and repeat.

Of course, as others have suggested the best recipe is more levels. Even having one level above your opponents makes a huge difference in your ability to fight them, same goes for one level below.
Posted By: valky Re: Braccus Rex - 16/07/14 07:48 PM
I guess, most of the proper strategies are said by now, though:

- Lighthouse-Ghoul can be locked down by a spider-summon and also be killed (!) at least at lvl 9 or help with a bit fire-damage. Oddly, he/she/it just wasted APs to dance around my spider, while I brought in Madora..just to be finally killed by my 8-legged friend. (and you can stun & knockdown it as well..not sure about freezing)
- twins: as said above...waste a fire elemental scroll on them! (or spell ^^) They love to eat precious ice otherwise and Jahan was more than happy to give it to them...
The fire elemental also might have another purpose: to eat the stupid meteor thingie of braccus as well, if you happen to have more than 2 party member/summons on one close spot.
Didn't have to use my stun or stun-arrows on it, since ice-magic killed it really fast (at least in the fields it can be stunned = easy win)
- Lt. commander: I remember it being knockdown-immune, but can be debuffed like crazy (slow/witchcraft and alike) so its damage is a joke.

At this point I had gathered my 'cleric' fire&ice elemental around it, since twins/lighthouse were already dead...and Braccus did his meteor or whatever magic and killed the Lieutenant for me (thank you, dear Boss ^^)

I finally started to doubt the boss mechanic...he enraged (and kept on enraging ...), and tried to move while being flanked by a blood swarm, fire elemental, my cleric & madora =w00t? Not sure anymore, but water and air magic did nearly the same damage to him...

As already mentioned by others:
- spread your party (!)
- cast pre-emptive Jahan's rain (if you ain't playing with lone-wolf)
- give tasty ice to the twins
- give a poison-protected char to the ghoul/undead-thingie (or a spider really really does work well)
- put stupid summons around the boss ^^ (if yu seriously have a problem to beat him)

You can also lure him to the door, and do this and said I was lvl 9 and my first try was only to figure out the tactic; beat him in my 2nd load.

If that helps...

[read he is or might be even doable at 6 on hard, though I slightly doubt that ^.^]
Posted By: Ailurophile Re: Braccus Rex - 20/07/14 07:23 PM
Tips for anyone running Lone Wolf Knight/Mage: (Normal difficulty.)

First, I did it at level 9, and reloaded a lot of chests/boss kills to make sure I got some pretty good gear for my trouble along the way. His opening round of attacks alone took both of my characters to 3/4 - 1/2 health and left burning. I thought for sure I would have to go level up more with how the fight started off, but once I got my crowd control rolling and healed up, the fight was pretty manageable. I didn't use any elemental shields, but a fire shield would make this a lot easier since two of them do pretty heavy fire damage, and use small fireball every few turns.

In order to do this at equal level as lone wolf you need the following:

Heals, crowd control, a decent sized HP pool. My knight has leech which mitigated some of the physical damage through healing.

Use knockdown/blind/stun on the summons and focus on one at a time. Heal as needed and keep buffs up as much as possible. My mage has 3 summons but I used none. They could be a useful distraction if your characters are taking too much damage for the heals to keep up with. Invis the mage if you need to avoid some damage for a round or two.

This is just one way of doing it, of course.
Posted By: Incendax Re: Braccus Rex - 20/07/14 07:42 PM
Beat him at Level 8 (Hard) with Mage and Rogue with Lone Wolf.
  • Have your characters stand back to either side of the doorway (bosses can only fit 1-2 at a time through there).
  • Have a character with at least 6 starting AP talk to Braccus Rex.
  • Right before you end the conversation, have someone cast invisibility on the character talking to Braccus Rex.
  • Fight starts, nobody gets hit with meteor. Pyramid back to doorway. Bosses start rushing the door.
  • Let them pile up in the doorway, and slam them with ridiculous amounts of AOE.

If you use a lot of ice, you can even kill the twins then teleport some of the bosses into the lava! HAH!
Posted By: choosk Re: Braccus Rex - 21/07/14 04:35 AM
i had a character with high telekinesis sneak around the room and place those pots and jars in front of the circles where the bosses spawn. if you don't leave any gaps, when the battle starts, they'll be stuck behind the jar barricades (jarricades?) and won't be able to do anything.

sometimes the twins-joined-by-fire spawn in front of the jars, but then you'll only be dealing with two bosses instead of the 4.
Posted By: Clusterfox Re: Braccus Rex - 21/07/14 10:36 AM
Thanks everybody!
Posted By: virumor Re: Braccus Rex - 28/04/15 12:32 AM
I trapped him in a corner with teleport, but then he ran through the wall... yeah.
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