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Posted By: Tombeatster Question on what to do next (spoilers) - 17/07/14 02:27 PM
I've defeated Mangoth and obtained the skill for disabling the Death Knights Invulnerbility.

I am ready to proceed to the Dark Forest and my party are all lvl 15 and close to 16. I keep hearing about a homestead invasion where I have to use a tenebrium weapon and I know the place on the Luculla map where this is triggered (desert) however should I trigger that now or proceed directly to the Dark forest?

I do have a Tenebrium axe with one of my melee chars who can wield it.
Posted By: Songbird Re: Question on what to do next (spoilers) - 17/07/14 02:29 PM
You trigger that quest by going into the map that has the Dark Forest
Ok I wondered because I was running around the desert (north of the Queen Spider) when I encountered the Imp from the end of time who told me there was a serious situation developing at the homestead. I hit f8 at that point because I was certain I was not meant to enter that dialogue at that point and went on to finish Maradino and head to Sacred Stone.

But I'll head for the forest now and see what happens!

Thanks Songbird!
Posted By: Dragan.. Re: Question on what to do next (spoilers) - 17/07/14 02:48 PM
Kill the bard and that goat human and all the animals around him thats what i did.
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