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Posted By: Magissia The Lost Archeologist, Town doesn't care. - 18/07/14 04:45 AM
Hello, i'm at the point i'm supposed to give a good news to Aureus, the Archeologist is alive ! Aurus doesn't care and the quest is stuck as not done. When talking to Aurus, there's nothing to point out the Archeologist made it safe home. I tried every talk options.

I don't know if i missed something or if it should be reported as bug.
Bugged out for you.

Once he is escorted home safely the only remaining step is talking to Aureus.

You might need to load a save.
You may be choosing the wrong dialogue entry: you need to talk about the expeditions and select the one to the burial mound. Often people are trying to talk about the lighthouse mission instead (which is unrelated to the archaeologist).
Hello, Aureus finally accepted to acknowledge the archaeologist was back after killing the bad guy at the church.
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