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Hi, Im having trouble figuring out how to reach the segregated teleporter in an underground passage in Luculla forest.
The entrance is at x293 y299. Its close to where you come out from beneath silverglen church.

There is a bunch of teleporters but as far as I can tell I've tried all combinations and always end up at the start. I can see the room, its holding 3 skillbok on pedestals but its to far to pyramid and teleport.

What am I missing?

There's a hint book where it tells you the correct order you need to use the teleporter .
There is a 6th portal behind a curtain that is the one you need to enter before the last one with the bronze pipes.

It is in the first room to the left of the broken staircase heading toward the room you are trying to get to.

If you didn't miss that it must be your order.
Ice - Earth - Fire - Waterfall - Water - Bronze Pipes

Pretty sure that is the order.
Yes! Thank you, that was the correct order
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