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Posted By: Ckarik Divinity Editor License doubt, - 25/08/14 07:31 AM

I'll gonna buy Divinity Original Sin soon, when I have money, and i'm in love of his rpg editor. But I have one question, the games made with it can be commercialized or are just a "mod"?

In the other side, the multiplayer it's cool? I have the doubt to buy the pack with two licenses of the game to give away to my girlfriend to play with she.

Thanks for all.
Posted By: Raze Re: Divinity Editor License doubt, - 25/08/14 08:39 AM

The editor is free for non-commercial purposes, but the policy on commercializing mods (or full games) has not been determined yet.

Yes, multi-player is fun, if you've got someone to play with consistently.
Posted By: Hiver Re: Divinity Editor License doubt, - 25/08/14 12:36 PM
Definitely buy the pack so you can play co-op with your girlfriend.
Its great stuff that enhances the game value twofold. Or more.

i would even say its the best way to play the game. Although Sp is also good.

Posted By: vinaysshenoy Re: Divinity Editor License doubt, - 25/08/14 03:22 PM
Agreed. I too am interested in the commercial licensing of the Editor. Maybe an income-sharing basis?

And yeah, get the dual pack and play with someone. I have a dedicated profile in game just for that. Just make sure both of you have headsets if you're not playing locally.
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