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Posted By: eponette Joshua's spice - 17/12/14 03:05 PM
What is it? What can it be used for?
Posted By: Raze Re: Joshua's spice - 17/12/14 09:23 PM

It can be used for crafting (with a weapon).
Posted By: Vandervecken Re: Joshua's spice - 18/12/14 07:05 PM
Speaking of which, I've had incredible difficulty finding it. Never seen it a single time. I'm at L19 by now and have been looking for it for 6-7 levels at least.
Posted By: eponette Re: Joshua's spice - 19/12/14 09:33 AM
I found it once in a chest. i it that good?
Posted By: Thorsten Re: Joshua's spice - 19/12/14 07:30 PM
Originally Posted by eponette
I found it once in a chest. i it that good?

No. It adds an unimportant amount of fire damage.

Posted By: Endarire Re: Joshua's spice - 14/02/15 09:53 AM
How does its damage compare to a Fire Essence?
Posted By: Felixg91 Re: Joshua's spice - 19/02/15 01:22 AM
I have found the spice a few times, it looks like a brown bag of pixie dust usually in chests but also can buy from merchants. It is more expensive than a essence and is pretty rare.

It does more damage than a fire essence at least it did when I used it, and I think it can be used even though another damage add on has already been used, hazy on that.

Have not found any in this or last playthrough, but I found it like 3 times in the playthrough before that! Random loot strikes again!

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