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Posted By: lolwut77 LAN coop w/ Steam offline? - 04/07/14 01:14 AM
Is it possible? I have both my game and my fiancee's configured for LAN play, but any time we get those random "disconnected from Steam" messages, she gets bumped out of the game. It's really ruining our ability to enjoy coop, since it's happening pretty regularly. frown
Posted By: Raze Re: LAN coop w/ Steam offline? - 04/07/14 03:58 AM

Yes, it should be. Check your multiplayer settings in the Game section of the options; there are separate options to enable visibility online (Steam, and eventually GOG Galaxy I assume) LAN and Direct Connections.

As long as you have LAN enabled, you just have to start a multiplayer game, and your fiancee click on Join from the main menu (switch LAN in the lobby screen, if required).

If Steam disconnection still cause a problem if you join via LAN, start the game directly from the '..\SteamApps\common\Divinity - Original Sin\Shipping\EoCApp.exe' program file, and you don't need to have the Steam client running.
Posted By: lolwut77 Re: LAN coop w/ Steam offline? - 04/07/14 04:29 AM
Awesome - that did the trick. Thanks!! smile
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