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Posted By: Salumba no intro - 14/07/14 03:38 PM
I have the steam version and german localization of the game, but I could never watch the intro in game found in the Steam\SteamApps\common\Divinity - Original Sin\Data\Localization\German\Video folder except for the logo and the telescope one.

I wondered if there was an intro at all and it actually is in the folder, but every time I start a new single player game I get to the character creation, then to the Cyseal loading screen and immediately to the beach without intro.

First I thought it's pretty old-school with no explaining except the book in the inventory laugh Then I assumed it's because I don't had installed the Bink Video Player, but also after installing it, the intro wasn't shown after starting a new game.

What could be the reason for this issue?
Posted By: Issh Re: no intro - 14/07/14 04:06 PM

Not having the Bink video player shouldnt cause this issue atleast. Are you able to see the movies from the folder itself?
From the getgo I am not sure what this could be, therefore could you send us a from our support tool?
It can be found here:
Simply run the tool and click generate report, then send this to with a small description.

Thank you

Posted By: Salumba Re: no intro - 14/07/14 09:16 PM
I just sent an e-mail to the support with the attached.

Yes, I can watch the videos, when I start them from the folder itself. Though they stutter pretty much (with latest Bink Video Player). But unfortunately I'm also a victim to the crash-on-saving-issue, which should be adressed first smile
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